I love November 17th and November 18th


1. I ate my first sushi
2. I ate my first cup of Sour Sally
(I usually eat one or two spoon of frozen yogurt)
3. My father loves my artwork, which I gave to him as his birthday present (YEAY)

4. I got 5 out of 5 in music performing test 
5. My art teacher offered me whether can my 'version' of Starry Night be display on the exhibition on the open house (I really over-joyed)
6. I got 100 in Mathematics unit test, and 80 for Additional Mathematics
(note; I often get below 6 in Additional Math. Therefore, this unit test made me relieved, I've improved, and I am motivated to improve more by work harder :]) 

sorry for the grammer mistakes, I post this quick, I gotta practice for tomorrow Bahasa Indonesia speech performance task T.T
I'm not readyyyyy.