Level Camp 2011

A small pine forest and edited using photoshop to give
HDR effect.

Butterfly 1

Butterfly 2

The girls are practicing Saman dance for the class performance

Jason & Jio are practicing their dialogues for the class'  drama performance
about the 2004 Aceh tsunami disaster
We are transferring the flour backward without facing each other
(The photo was taken by the facilitator)
Making a decision about what would the whole class be;
a hunter, a tiger or a ghost.
(The photo was taken by the facilitator)
(The photo was taken by the facilitator)

I still don't know how did Mr. Alex reach there

Our class probably won the performance competition
since our class was called first to join the rafting.
Too bad I couldn't join the rafting because I had to avoid my ears
from water as much as possible :(


SYTYCD at the Dodgers Stadium (Twitter Photos)

Neil Haskell, Twitch, Allison Holker, Robert Roldan, Caitlynn, Marko Germar,
Sasha Mallory, Melanie Moore, Ricky & Tadd Gadduang

Robert & Melanie are looking to each other.
Twitter: @Allisonholker @RJRoldan @official_tWitch @D8Marko @D8Tadd  
@D8Melanie @D8Sasha @Neilhaskell @D8Caitlynn @D8Ricky
*the italic ones are the current season contestants of So You Think You Can Dance, the rest are notable contestants from the past seasons and also the all-star dancers.

So You Think You Can Dance TOP 8 & the result

Lady Gaga threw one of her shoes off
to the stage and she threw the other to Sonya
  • Sasha & All-star Pasha (Quickstep), and with Melanie Moore (Jazz routine by Sonya Tayeh) = with the catchy opening lines; "Sasha and Pasha; Easy to Remember", this quickstep routine was remember-able (I mean, memorable) too! It was hard to understand the concept even though the choreographer himself has told us about it (or maybe it's because there are some concepts which are not easy to be expressed into a Ballroom dance style?) but Sasha was amazing, anyway, she is always amazing--Her second routine which was the last routine of the night which was AWESOME! THAT'S HOW THE GIRLS DO IT HAHA. LET'S GIVE THEM OUR SHOES LIKE LADY GAGA DID!
  • Caitlynn & All star Ivan Koumaev (Lyrical hip hop), and with Tadd (Foxtrot) = The hiphop routine was entertaining but it did not stand out from the others routine. It was just good for me. (Btw, I'm happy to see Ivan Koumaev dancing on that stage again. Thanks for asking him to be a new the all-star dancer!). One of the critics she received, was from Nigel, which was that she needs to open her legs a little bit (but then Gaga said; '..open her legs..' and she rolled her eyes. You know what she meant lol)--During her second routine which was foxtrot, she was gorgeous, her beauty was everywhere on that stage. 
  • Jordan (my favorite) & All-star Ade (Jazz by Tyce Diorio), and with Jess (Rumba by Jason Gilkinson) = What a very bad bad-ass girl's piece by Tyce  (with his new haircut). Again, those legs, Jordan is amazing! Like what Nigel said; "Is there anything that little body can't do?!..so pliable!". In addition to that, Lady Gaga said that Jordan gave her a hope because she said that she is quiet short then she showed her crazy tall platform shoes (+ Mary's scream) and she said; "You are so fabulous and all I could stare at was your legs. I mean, how many different positions can you do with those fabulous legs?..." (Yes, indeed, she can do what most human can't do. She is frickin' amazing and wonderful)!!
  • Sasha & Melanie got signed
    pair of Lady Gaga's shoes
  • Melanie (my favorite) & All-star Neil Haskell (Contemporary by Mandy Moore), and with Sasha (Jazz routine by Sonya Tayeh) = NEIL AND MELANIE WERE AMAZING. I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THIS PIECE. I JUST LOVE IT. THEY "NEIL"-ED IT xD ~~And that jump, Melanie was literally flying onto Neil's arms.asdfghjkl. And they got standing ovation from Lady Gaga (she stood and she became the tallest and the "highest" person on the judges board lmao), the other judges and the audience! Gaga had her hat off to Melanie, who is her favorite in this competition and she would like to hire her tomorrow for her tour around the world!! (and my hat is off to whoever decided to not give Neil a shirt. I even almost died as a young happy boy lmao. just kidding). Lady Gaga didn't need a monitor or camera to see her last night, instead she needed to see her dancing that routine right in front of her and she wants to be near her (which was such a sweet praise!) Melanie was so happy! TOO HAPPY! Lot of tears of happiness because of what has she done so far and she has made her family and everybody proud of her! Congrats!. Nigel said that the moment when Melanie was about to jump (or fly) into Neil's arms, Gaga grabbed Nigel's arms and both of them were awed. There was a funny thing: Nigel said Ellen's memorable comment on the show when she was a guest judge; "You are a carpenter, because YOU JUST NAILED IT" (btw, she was also the audience that night). I hope this routine will be nominated for Emmy and Melanie will be on Ellen as soon as possible (not after she was eliminated)--Her second routine which was the last routine of the night which was AWESOME! THAT'S HOW THE GIRLS DO IT HAHA. LET'S GIVE THEM OUR SHOES LIKE LADY GAGA DID! Btw, Melanie is Lady Gaga's favorite in the competition #EpicWin
Melanie said she wanted to be on Ellen,
and there she is! She met Ellen and Ellen promised her,
 she'll be on Ellen DeGeneres Show~
  • Ricky & All-star Anya Garnis (Jive by Jason Gilkinson), and with Marko (Hip hop routine by NappyTabs about janitors!) = The jive piece was amazing. I didn't think about the plot, instead, I was thinking about how fun and exciting the routine was (plus accompanied by Celine Dion's version of River Deep Mountain High). Anya was so fierce and wild lol. What a sensastion!--He was ubercool with Marko! haha
  • Jess & All-star Lauren Gottlieb (Hip hop by NappyTabs), and with Jordan (Rumba by Jason Gilkinson) 
  • Tadd (my favorite) & Lauren Froderman (Jazz by Mandy Moore), and with Caitlynn (Foxtrot) = It was done perfectly by them! Tadd was amazing especially when he started the routine, then Lauren came and started to dance together. (and holy! I miss Lauren so much! I miss her even more when she did the same hand-moves when she danced Boogie Shoes by the same choreographer with Billy last season! I'm thankful to whoever came up with a decision to bring Lauren back as a part of all-star dancers!)--In his second routine, he has just proven himself that he's not only a B-boy, but also can dance ballroom dance with a partner. 

  • Marko (my favorite) & All-star Allison Holker (Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh!), and with Ricky (Hip hop routine by NappyTabs about janitors!) = Lady Gaga cried! The routine moved  me and her to tears. It was beautiful and emotional! Marko & Allison also cried while the judges and the whole audience gave them a standing ovation. Marko got positive and great reviews from the judges; Lady Gaga: "..I'm just so proud of you. You know, you really love to dance, and I know your mom's here. There were so many things that I did wrong when I was younger and so many things I wish I could take back, I felt every moment of that through your dance tonight. You are absolutely incredible and, 'em, congratulations, whether number 1, number 2, number 3, number 10, who cares, you've got it.." I cried. I love my mom and this piece made me even love her more and I'm grateful to have my mom. Thank you, Marko & Allison.-- The second routine which was hiphop by NappyTabs was awesome and super uber cool! The coolest janitor lol. And did Cat sing Mario Bros' theme song? Yes, she did! Marko got a standing ovation again with Ricky haha.Btw, Lady Gaga is so proud of Marko #EpicWin 

It seems that Melanie  & Marko did a great job again this week. Both of them received standing ovation. The difference is that Marko made Gaga proud, while Melanie got her shoe and two standing ovations for each of her routines that night #EpicWin

They are so going to move far in the competition with flying colors~ /:D/

Guess what. Lady Gaga didn't get boo-ed! She made every contestants smiled and happy. She gave everyone hope. She amazed everyone. She was an effin' amazing guest judge! I guess it'd such an unforgettable words from the Queen, Lady Gaga :D

The Result

Opening broadway routine by Tyce Diorio. 
The All-star dancers for next week are:
1. Pasha Kokalev 
2. Jaimie Goodwin
3. tWitch
4. Janette
5. Ellenore Scott (!!!!!!!)
6. Kent Boyd (!!!!!!!!)

The performance of the night...
So great to see Mark Kanemura again on that stage! I hope he'll be the all-star dancer again!
He has made SYTYCD family proud.

Lady Gaga singing The Edge of Glory and her new 4th single, You and I

The boys who were in the bottom: Tadd Gadduang (NOOO) and Jess LeProto,
the girls who were in the bottom: Jordan Casanova (WTF?!) and Caitlynn.
They were amazing when they performed their solo performances and also when they danced on the performance night this week. but it's the end of the road for Jordan & Jess in So You Think You Can Dance

Oh, Jordan :(


Kathryn McCormick (the third one from the left,
Kent Boyd (behind Kathryn), Marko Germar (with glasses)

"Teachers Do Come Out and Play"-- video you that don't expect your teachers to do

Some teachers of BINUS International School Serpong are singing to Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song" video!
I hope Binusians are going to see this, like this on YouTube, and show this to others during general assembly!
Are they Too School for Cool, or Too School for Cool? lmao

(I knew this video from @marvelinselena haha)

Top 10 with the All-star dancer!


  • Marko = Marko danced another ballroom dance, which was Samba (choreographed by Jason Gilkinson) with the new All-star dancer Chelsie! Samba is definitely different from Tango because Samba requires more hips swags and moves than Tango. GREAT JOB, MARKO!.... #IAmRootingForHim  NPH said, "That was dirty, what a dirty way to start a show" and Mary Murphy said, "You are the real deal!" and Nigel said, "You've really lost a good partner (Melanie), but hey, you are dancing with the star"
  • Jordan = Jordan danced contemporary with the new all-star dancer, Brandon. She is still amazing, especially her LEGS! (yes, I caps lock the LEGS). Beauty checked, talent checked, versatility checked. She'll go far in this competition. #IAmRootingForHer. (and btw, the song was "Who You Are (live acoustic version" by Jessie J. I just want to say that Jessie J sounds more better and her voice will be more amazing if she sings this kind of song, just saying)...... Mary said that Jordan was so fearless....you are fighting for this next position and I can you're dancing solid, sister", Nigel said, "You don't have many weaknesses.....wake up, dance fans, keep this girl in the competition"

  • Tadd = Tadd danced hip-hop for the second time on the show with the extraordinary & strong All-star hip-hop dancer, Comfort! #IAmRootingForHim.... Nigel said, "....So fast..." (I think he also said that Tadd danced fast like when Mary Murphy's talking and he said Tadd outdanced the all-star dancer. yeah.), NPH gave us a hint that in How I Met Your Mother episode, there'll be a dance choreographed by Spencer Liff. 
  • Mitchell = Well, Mitchell isn't my favorite in this competition but he did a great job. He danced Tyce's Broadway piece with the new All-star, Melody Lacayanga (from season 1). I love the concept btw, it's about an airplane which is about to take flight. The song was also from "All That Jazz" broadway, just like when Melody danced broadway to one of "All That Jazz" songs with Nick Lazarrini which was amazing and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. So great to see Melody back on the stage, with the same hair-do when she the Broadway routine with Nick. My eyes were on Melody at the moment. And Neil Patrick Harris got his first boo-ed on the show because he thought the piece wasn't understandable, he couldn't get it. But he wasn't alone, Mary & Nigel also thought that Mitchell was over-performing & over-smiling. 
  • Caitlyn = She is beautiful, she was even more beautiful when she danced Argentine Tango with the all-star, Pasha. Caitlyn was totally a different person on that stage. She got standing ovation from Mary Murphy because Caitlyn deserved it btw. And she cried because of she's too happy haha. She's even more adorable, I can't even .......but just for the record, I love Marko-Melanie's Tango more. You know I love M&M :)
  • Sasha = TWITCH! I miss him. When Cat said Sasha is going to dance with Twitch, I was so excited! And gosh, Sasha is getting more powerful and powerful. The piece was incredible and I didn't realize that hip hop can be expressed the way Sasha and Twitch danced and the way Christopher Scott choreographed & told us a story with it. She ate the breakfast of a champion and left the judges behind speechless haha. Yes indeed, it was a memorable piece and Twitch did the same thing like last season with Alex Wong which both of them danced the most memorable hip hop routine of the history! See, I told you, it's going to be exciting.Nigel said, "I can;t wait to see Ellen DeGeneres to do this one (last season, Ellen danced "Outta Your Mind" on the season finale with Twitch, replacing Alex since he was still on recovering process from the injury. And let's just hope it doesn't mean that Ellen has to replace Sasha because of an injury)
  • Jess = Jess danced with the all-star dancer from season 6, Kathryn McCormick and I was jealous to Jess because he got a chance to be with Kathryn for the first time this season, plus, they were dancing contemporary to Christina Perri's song (last season, Kathryn danced with Billy and also Neil, with the same song which was "Jar of Hearts") but it was beautiful, it touched my heart. Stacey Tookey always touches people's heart anyway. 

  • Melanie =  With Pasha again! Melanie finally danced one of the most intimate & romantic dance style; Viennese Waltz. It was Gorgeous, Flowing Like Air. Moments when Pasha lifted Melanie up, I felt like I was seeing Melanie floating in the air beautifully. Like what Neil said, it was so effortlessly perfect. Melanie is so beautiful in every way. She is easily my favorite. #IAmRootingForHer
  • Ricky = The jazz piece he danced with all-star dancer from season 2, the wonderful Allison, was so intense! and the ending pose was so dark and devious....

  • Clarice = The last but not least, the Bollywood routine was one of the best routine of the evening. Accompanied with S7's Robert Roldan (who is amazing!), Clarice transformed herself into a female deer (is it called, doe?). Her foot, hands, body, I can't say anything more about this routine and themselves. and they got standing ovation from all of the judges! She deserved it! From Bollywood to Hollywood, Nakul and Bollywood dance are always amazing. Just like what Nigel said, I don't really know much the dance well, but it's happy everytime I watch it. 
I am glad that Melanie, Marko, Tadd & Jordan haven't lost their sparks, they were doing great jobs and still amazing without being paired up like before. (but I miss Melanie-Marko and Jordan-Tadd though .....)
So, do we agree that Neil Patrick Harris is doing a great job as a guest judge this week?
and hell yes,
I can't wait to see ..... *wait-for-it* LADY GAGA NEXT WEEK AS THE GUEST JUDGE! 

Melanie, Tadd, Marko and Jordan are safe this week!
Yeah, Melanie, Tadd & Marko weren't
in the bottom 4 this week (but Jordan was.
But thank God she's not eliminated!)
(the judges made the right decision to eliminate Mitchell but not Clarice... It's sad to see her leaving the show but at the same time, I don't any of the girls or either Marko,Tadd & Jess to be eliminated... )

but, by the way, 
The all-star dancer for next week is going to be:
1. Ivan Koumaev
2. Jaimie
3. Anya Garnis, and
4. Pasha Kokalev
5. Lauren Gottlieb
6. Neil Haskell
7. Ade Obayomi
8. Lauren Froderman

I can smell the smell of high ratings and happiness next week!