9raders Rock India and Arab Costumes

The Indian Girls and Neira, grade 9 representative for BII

Frankfurter girls wear Indian :)

Amrah (India), Tara (Arab), Karin (Holland) and Dwita

The Chronicles of Narnia; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer

This movie is going to be my birthday gift

Never Been Kissed

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Time Warp

The Rocky Horror Glee Show Promo

Swimming Test

I have swimming test tomorrow, and I hate the fact that I can't really swim. How embarrassing is that. I always wear swimming suit when it is swimming time, but my PE teacher has never really taught me (he always watching the other students who can swim, he is not even watch me nor give me instruction, not even one minutes), so my friends did. And that's not enough, I'm looking for a time to practice, but homeworks and tests are coming non-stop. Sunday? Uh-uh, even though do a practice on Friday and Sunday won't be enough. There's a swimming course in the sport club, not far from my house, but three times a week, and yet, the course starts from 3;30 pm (p.s; The schools time ends at 3;20 pm. If I include 10 minutes of packing, waiting, arrival at home and eat, it takes almost an hour) It's my daily after-school routine, it can't be any slower or faster.
I'm asking my parent to make a letter, stated that
"my belove child can not swim, please permit him to take another kind test..."
Parent of -me-
The tests are going to be;
- how we jump to the pool (I don't know the term used for it)
- free style
- chest style.
Well, I can't really swim, at least I can swim from one place to another place (AND NOTE THIS. THE DISTANCE SHOULD BE LESS THAN 2 METERS. I'M DYING ALRIGHT. unless I practice everyday.)
I'd better run four laps than to swim, which is something that I can't do. 

Ezra, Kamu Masuk TransTV :')

Ezra, teman sebangku SD sejak kelas 2, audisi buat lomba vocal group di TransTV bareng sama grup vokal asuhan Hetty Koes Endang: La Voice. Ezra (ato Echa, di fotonya ada di paling kanan), suaranya super alto and nge-jazz. 

Good news arrived. Dia lolos ke babak voting publik. Mereka nyanyi "Ben" dari Michael Jackson and I was impressed! Suara Echa kedengeran banget and I love it, apalagi dengan harmonisasinya. Miss you, Echa!


First Look of Glee's "The Rocky Horror Show' episode (2x05)

Cory Monteith
John Stamos

Chris Colfer

Dianna Agron

Chord Overstreet

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Kitten Riding on a Tortoise

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Glee: Grilled Cheesus - ALL SONGS (Preview) Episode 3

"Papa, Can You Hear Me?" Lea Michel "Rachel Berry"
"Losing My Religion" Cory Monetith "Finn Hudson"
"I Want to Hold Your Hand" Chrid Colfer "Kurt Hummel"
"One of Us" Glee Cast
"I Look to You" Amber Riley "Mercedes Jones"
"Only the Good Die Young" Mark Salling "Noah Puckerman"
"Bridge over Troubled Water"