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An Unexpected Guest at the Carphatia House

I really miss Mr. Conor, my CA and my English teacher right now, since he went back to his home in Ireland :(
Today, I just looked at one of the story I wrote, and he gave me a best comment I've ever heard from him :') 

The night was cold, made me feel alone to pass this wonderful night's stars in my abandoned tower. Here is just a fireplace with hot embers and pairs of armchairs with table besides it. Suddenly, I saw a young man, wearing black cowboy hat running on the muddy narrow road when I looked down. I busied to watch the ripples on every step he stepped. I didn't realize it, that the bell had rang, means he's here already. I went downstairs into the main door immediately, I tossed my cat, but he was still ringing the bell, non-stop like Cinderella's stepsisters waiting for their breakfast impatiently. I saw him peak through the chinks under the rusty bell but then I opened the door slowly.                         

His face shocked me! He was young but wearing old-fashioned clothes. He wore a black thick leather coat, shirt with lace sleeve and a strap. He also brought a heavy luggage case with three paddles (for what are those three paddles?)                        

"Good night, I'm Jonathan Harker. I came here to replace Mr. Hawkins", he greeted me gracefully and shake hand friendly to me.             

For once in my life, I met a very nice man, he had the nicest smile I've ever seen in this my miserable life.            
 I was stupid to replied his angel-like smile with an awkward smile, since he was my first guest after 15 years.                         
After welcoming him, I guided him tour around the castle altogether take him to his room. He was awe when he starred at a portrait of and old creepy Dutch-man with sharp, blue eyes. He observed everything in the castle, as a crocodile watching its last prey in the night behind the bushes.                        
 "It's almost midnight now, I've prepared a late-night dinner for us. It's okay if you don't want to join. I'll be in the main dining room, don't get lost, I suggest  you to eat, because you seem starving after you took a very long journey to here from London" I said in rush. I was a bit annoyed because my peoples are not working in the midnight, while he came here in the midnight. The destiny has forced me to serve and prepare anything for a guest, an unexpected guest actually.                       
  In the dining room, with my biggest brand new elegant antique lamp hung on the highest ceiling in the castle, we had a late-night dinner together. Before I asked him to sit, I knew that he was amazed by two big antique lamp in the dining room. There was actually only one antique lamp, but the mirror on the dining table reflected it.           
  He was 12 chairs away from my seat, so I had a conversation with a deaf. (I need to speak louder). But we were able to had a nice conversation that night.                                    
"I know how does it feels to be on a train for almost six hours non-stop", I started the conversation.                       
"Um, well, but it's fine. I saw a worth looking sceneries that I will not be able to see in London during my way here. Anyway, thanks for the chicken soup, Mister ....." , he said hesitantly.                         "Count Dracula. And it's not a chicken soup; it's a mushrooms and pork. I'm going to my tower to sleep.If you need help, just tell me tomorrow morning. I'm terribly so tired tonight. Have a nice dream, Harker", I replied him in insipid.                         
As I came to the tower, I saw a white curtain dancing peculiarly while the cool wind blowing up ans whooshing from the opened window. The wind extinguished the fire lit in the fireplace. I closed the window hardly because the wind was so strong. Then I saw Harker standing in front of my door, shivering, I heard his teeth chattering. As soon as possible, I lit on the fire and poured a tea for him. We sat on the armchairs enjoying the lullaby of the rustling firewood and the splattering of water drops on the roof.                        
"Yes?", he answered.             
"I wondered why did you replace Mr. Hawkins?" I asked.             
"He's a constant malady sufferer, so he asked me to come here" he replied.             
"I see"                         
We had a really high quality conversation that night. I was amazed by his way of talking and thinking. When I asked him about his home, he explained everything about his homeland, he talked like a poet reading his own  poems. He told me about conspiracies and controversies happened in London when I asked him about which party he would vote. He only answered my question with a short answer but he made it long because he is talkative. I only smile.                         
He stopped talking until he saw my protruding sticking-out teeth. His face turned out into a scared-face.                        
"Thou hear that howls?" I asked him.             
"Yes, sir. Its wolf.' he replied.             
"I'm a Dracula. I understand the children of the night's howls means"             
"Excuse me?"            
"Thou don't have a mind of a hunter. You're just a prey, a fresh meat to every lions"                         
I slowly bit him when he was like petrified, surprised because I'm a Dracula who's going to bit him, slowly, but sure.                         
I felt a bit pity to him. He's actually a very nice young man. He wouldn't end like that if he was not came here tonight.

List of confirmed songs on Glee Season 2

Quran Burning (WHAT!?)

Terry Jones wants to burn Quran today.
Fortunately, he was threatened by the Minister of Defence. In fact, he will endanger every U.S soldiers in Moslem country if he burns Quran.

eat, suck and fuck-that. you fail. stupid.
(sorry for the bad words)

Glee Season 2 Premiere Party

OH. I love today. I woke up early than this morning because of #gleepremiereparty was in the morning. (Jadi kerajinan bangun lebih pagi padahal liburan buat nntn LIVE Streaming-nya). 
Aji mumpung, dpet link LIVE Streamingnya di Twitter (thannk youu :*)
Ini gambar2 yg gw ambil sndiri (pake ScreenCapture dr Picassa) 

-I know, no Charice, no Amber, no Jenna and no Kevin. I didn't take the pictures of them T.T-

and I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!! #GleeSeason2 

Grade 7 and 8 in One Post

SpeechFest 2008 "Peter Pan" drama 
This drama was directed by Karina Sarah.
I was in the costumes crew :) (and I was John. Wendy's brother haha)

Khansa the pirate and the Raihan as the Capt. Hook
The Alligator
Busy preparing for the show!

Karina is delivering a speech :)

Kostum Capt. Hook ada kayak jubah merah gitu. Tau itu apa? Itu tatakan piano saya haha.
Kejadiannya gini, kan pada suatu malam (?), di atas piano tuh berdebu, karna mumpung inget, kainnya mau di laundry, besok pagi baru suruh si mbak bersihin apapun yg ada di atasnya.
(namanya juga msh kekanak-kanakan) main-mainan sama kain merahnya,
 pas di taro di pundak.
Ide untuk pelengkap kostum Capt. Hook pun jadi.
Jadi Raihan, maaf ya, kainnya masih berdebu gitu. Gapapa kan. Sorry waktu itu gak bilang hehe.

Sama waktu itu kita kyk ada 'konflik' sm kelas 7F.
Drama kita, scene yang kita pilih sama kyk mereka. Wah, dikira nyontek gitu.
Ribut dah. Sampe2 di mediasi sm guru counselling, Ms. Inun (CA klas gw) sm Ms. Maya (CA 7F) di ruang ballet.

Tapi untungnya, setelah naik kelas, kita baik-baik saja kok :)

Safari Trekking in Taman Safari

(coming soon)

Class Party 'Winter in Cairo"
(June 11st 2008)
Why 'Winter in Cairo"? Our class is 7Cairo.
Cairo's weather is mostly hot, so we imagine ourself to have a winter season 
in a hot place like Cairo :P

wow, we had a popcorn
Andy with Mr. Snowman
Our beloved CA, Ms. Inun

Glimpse of Broadway was our year-end production ,and it's a big success! 
Was directed by Ms. Myrna, performed by auditioned casts, orchestra, choirs, teachers and staffs.
Broadway, yeah, we performed some selected numbers from the famous musicals/broadways/operas.
Such as;
CATS (I love the costumes!), RENT, High School Musical, Les Miserables (I love the songs!), The Sound of Music (my favorite ^^), My Fair Lady, Fiddler on the Rooftop, Jesus Christ Superstar, To Sir With Love, Mamma Mia etc.
(I was kind of dissapointed because no The Phantom of the Opera)

Ms. Myrna was combined the songs from each musicals, and make it as a story. 
(nice, right?)
Glimpse of Broadway was my biggest performance :)

For just an additional information,
Glimpse of Broadway was held on June 11st 2008 , we practiced all day long. 

Here some pictures taken by my friends before the show :)-backstage-
The boys, they sang Blue Moon.

These girls performed in To Sir With Love scene :). They're schoolgirls obsessed with their teachers :P

Some of the of first-year orchestra members took a picture after the show

On the Show
1. You Raise Me Up
3. Season of Love - RENT
4. If I Were a Rich Man - Fiddler on the Rooftop
5. We're all in this together - High School Musical
6. 16 Going On 17 - The Sound of Music
7. To Sir With Love - To Sir With Love
8. I Don't Know How To Love Him - Jesus Christ Superstar 
9. Thank You For the Music - Mamma Mia 
10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - The Wizard of Oz
11. Dancing Queen - Mamma Mia
___________ (intermission number by the grade 10) _____________

12. Slipping Through My Finger - Mamma Mia
13. Copacabana
14. Sunrise Sunset - Fiddler on the Rooftop
15. I Could Have Danced All Night - My Fair Lady
16. On My Own - Les Miserables
17. Blue Moon 
18. Memory - CATS
19. Take a Chance on me 
20. No Day But Today - RENT
Choir sing the Invocation (You Raise Me Up) and the opening number Season of Love from RENT
Singing The Binus School Serpong March.
If I Were a Rich Man (from Fiddler on the Rooftop)
16 Going on 17 (from The Sound of Music)
To Sir Wih Love
Nadya Syarifa, our school's singer is singing Slipping Through My Finger (from Mamma Mia)
The Copacabana dancer
The Prom scene, "Sunrise Sunset" (from Fiddler on the Rooftop), the song was sang by Marcia, our school's classical singer.
Does Your Mother Know 

Blue Moon

The Finale, "No Day But Today" (from RENT)

Photo resources = -Katy , Jacinda, Ms. Yurike (my English teacher)

__-to be continued_____

(Safari Trip trekking, PP Iptek, 
grade 8 = Sabbatical days, Lombok trip, SCP Culmination activities, Chinese New Year celebration, Level Party.)

Dear  my ex-elementary schoolmates.

 Tau kan sekolah kita waktu SD gk bolehin bawa handphone, kamera digital apalagi komik.
Apalagi wktu itu soal pengetahuan sm fasilitas kurang mendukung. Entah karena kita wktu itu blom tau gimana transfer file, ato blom punya USB ato gurunya yang gak bagi2 foto2 kegiatan. Yang dulu prnah foto2, rekam pun pasti udah ilang.
Jadinya foto2 wktu SD yg msh kesimpen paling foto kelas T.T
Jadi gak bisa kyk flash-backing gitu. haha. Kalo ada yg msh bisa contact guru2 SD, mintain aja foto2nya kalo masih ada :)

Kalo wktu di BINUS kan bebas, boleh bawa kamera, handphone. Jadi klo ada acara ada dokumentasi nya, udah gitu psti di upload ke FB

(btw, rekaman waktu Senam Irama yang akhirnya jadi modern dance yang pke lagu 'Selamat Malam Dunia' dong)