but not the corruption issues, traffic jams, pollution and other important issues that are needed to be solve, but it seems that it's going to take forever for the government to finish this.
(but, hey, I hope everything will be better in the next few years, or optimistically, in the next few months)
Indonesia has the nature, has the sea, has the forest, has the animals, has the plants, has the money sources, has the people, so,
 Berjayalah, Indonesiaku!

Panjat Pinang!
It's Trending on Twitter!
What a lame post, huh? 
(this is a quick-post, sorry for the grammar mistakes or typos)
FYI, I haven't joined in any Independence day celebration in my neighborhood since I graduated from elementary (or probably after I moved to my grandma's house, and I barely know everyone in my neighborhood...), which means I've been lacking of the joy and '45 spirit (read: Semangat 45) of Indonesia's independence day outside my house. 
The types of joy I had before, were;
1. The joy because it's a holiday after all
2The joy because I can be at home for the whole day, and take a rest.
3. The joy because I got new clothes (red t-shirts!) for the independence day celebration, which absolutely requires us to wear either red or white, or undesirably, school uniform. *background music: Toccata & Fugue*
I really miss that time when me and my brother went to the field to play games and have fun!

I actually decided few weeks before, to go out for walk and take pictures of what people usually do in this special day to our nation (so I would post some photos and interesting things I found/did on this year's Independence Day or maybe I can post submit some to deviantArt)

SCHOOL STUFF was kind of telling me to not go out from my house! 
Jeez -__-
I still had to practice my fighting choreography for tomorrow's P.E practical test, work on the props for the last scene of my group's English short-movie project, do my Biology and English homework, etc reviewing *headdesk*
"There's a time when you MUST move your butt from the chair and sleep for a while."-- Me
I'm so tired, I can't even sleep tight every night and my sleeping hour is not enough since the first day of August. 

By the way, two things;

A video of a cool dance crew from our school performing on Independence Day Celebration in our school,


So You Think You Can Dance season 8 Finale!

It doesn't matter. Whoever wins, they've won already because those four dancers are so fucking perfect and couldn't be any better than the way they are right now. I'm so proud of Melanie, Marko, Sasha and Tadd! Congratulations to four of them! What an incredible journey of watching four of them on the show. The long journey has finally wrapped up! Smile :)

  • Melanie Moore & Marko Germar (Disco by Doriana Sanchez) = I love Melanie & Marko! They danced together again! Love them *hearts* ....but sadly, the choreography sucks! It was actually fun and had a lot of lifts so it was actually hard for both Melanie & Marko. Doriana did a great job when she choreographed last season's disco routine--when the judges said they were glad to have her back on the show, I immediately thought they were actually saying "OOOO, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" (I'm not saying that all disco routines sucks and too cheesy. If you think so, you need to watch season 1's disco routine, danced by Nick Lazarrini and Melody Lacayanga)

  • Sasha Mallory & All-Star Mark Kanemura (Jazz by Sonya Tayeh) = Fierce and powerful! The routine was so Sasha and Mark. Their eyes are always fierce, so easily fierce like throwing a rock to someone you really hate the most. Sonya did bring Sasha's (and also Mark's) personality and that's why I love Sonya! (I like the fact that the routine suits all of the all-star dancers' personality, ability and dance styles). Sasha truly is a warrior princess! Most jazz pieces on the show are unlike her, because her routines bring dancers' fierce, strong and powerful personality if it danced by the right people (people who are 'choosen' to be able to deliver Sonya's message or meaning of the dance) Sonya Tayeh, Mark Kanemura and Sasha Mallory were like each other's doppelganger; amazing powerful people in the dance world with the same hairstyle *double thumbs up* 

  • Tadd Gadduang & All-Star Joshua Allen (Hustling by Lil'C) = Tadd, without a question, the best B-boy dancer the show has ever had! He definitely out-danced Joshua because Tadd was kind of doing his thing while Joshua was so not having energy and off the rhythm. Just like what Mary said, Tadd did a hard-hitting solid style of hip hop number awesomely, he has been hustling so hard! Cool red shoes and magic smile, Tadd! 

  • Melanie Moore & All-Star Robert Roldan (Contemporary by Stacey Tookey) = Another beautiful piece by Stacey Tookey. Perfect connection between them as the routine was about an unrequited love (speaking about love, Melanie and Robert wore the same color during their first rehearsal and I've never seen any partners do that haha). Melanie is a true performer and she is still shining since the audition day until now (or even she will shine forever as an amazing contemporary dancer). She can make us feeling heart-broken, make us smile, make us move and even make us laugh because of her adorableness. Great comment from Kenny Ortega, "I would push myself to the front of the line to have a chance to work with you!", and from Mary Murphy, "Something special happens when you dance. The room gets really quiet, people stop moving..whatever it is, you have a captivating, you know, capability to drop people in, just the first few seconds when you start something, everything you do and how you move, you do look classy, you are in the class of your own, and I'm just really proud of you"  Nicee. I love you, Melanie! <3

  • Sasha Mallory & Marko Germar (Broadway by Spencer Liff) = I love Marko's face! I haven't seen him being such a sweet young man with eyeglasses and bow-tie. And Sasha, for life's sake, she better dance forever until she's old enough to retire. She is so amazing and awesome in her own way. Two elements were mixed and packed up nicely; sexiness and maturity, with youthfulness and adorableness lol. Fantastic transition!

  • Sasha Mallory & Tadd Gadduang (Cha cha by Mark Ballas) = This is the first time I watched Mark Ballas' choreography. (I have no interest to watch Dancing With the Stars, where he choreographs some of the ballroom dance routines and I still have no interest to watch it after I watched this. So You Think You Can Dance is better, I admit it, just saying) It was okay, and that's so unfortunate for Tadd & Sasha! I think the show should have brought choreographers like Mia Michaels, Mandy Moore, Travis Wall, NappyTabs, Tyce Diorio, Jason Gilkinson, Louis van Amstel, Nakul Dev Mahajan and Jean-Marc Genereux. Sonya Tayeh, Spencer Liff and Stacey Tookey were not enough to make the finale better :(

  • Marko Germar & All-Star Lauren Froderman (Contemporary by Tessandra Chavez) = It was perfect, everything was perfect. It was hard to keep my eyes on both of them at once, so I watched this routine three times and it still blew my mind and swept me away. Marko and Lauren are contemporary dancers who always bring dance into another level, another class and level of art. Seeing Marko cried after the routine, made me cry a little bit. He was kind of having special thing to touch people's heart. He is honest, he got the experience, the feeling, the emotion and he is always capable to bring those things out whenever he dances contemporary. No doubt, he is the best male contemporary dancer this season. Marko is a beautiful thing. 

  • Melanie Moore & Tadd Gadduang (Jazz by Ray Leeper) = Hawt. Both of them were hot. Melanie danced with one shoe, then she danced with bare foot. Tadd danced with his tops and jeans until Melanie took them off. Melanie is such an fantastic dancer who act (or simply an actress and dancer) and it was proven a lot of times! Just like what Nigel said, Melanie was even already a character even before she started to dance. Perfect characters, great story and the story was clearly delivered through both dancers and the choreography (which kind of made me think that it  was so Broadway) It was sweet when Melanie helped Tadd to cover his shorts/boxers/whatsoever! Both of them are adorable! I couldn't stop smiling on them unless the doomsday is in front of my eyes. The routine, indeed, brought more life to the finale. WOOHOO!

  • Melanie Moore & Sasha Mallory (Contemporary by Stacey Tookey) = They got Lady Gaga's crazy tall platform shoes when they danced together, now, they deserve something equivalent like those! Stacey did give a beautiful touch this routine about two housewives. In addition to that, Melanie and Sasha instantly turned into a married women. I believed them. I felt their feeling when they were isolated and the wanting to break free. I felt I need to see them dancing the continuation of the story in this dance. I agreed with Nigel, Melanie & Sasha (along with Marko and Tadd) would make a great dance company. They were so graceful. How can people not love both of them haha. Lovely! 

  • Marko Germar & Tadd Gadduang (Stepping by Chuck Maldonado) = I was relieved they finally danced together on the show since they are best-friends and their bromance is too much to handle. Stepping isn't always easy, but they did a very fantastic job! Gonna miss them after the season is done :(

I still miss Mia Michaels, Adam Shankman, Travis Wall, Tyce Diorio, Kristin Chenoweth and Lady Gaga on the judges board. I was expecting one of them (or two, or three, or four, or all of them) are going to be one of the judges. I don't really like Katie Holmes. She should have been on the show before the finale. (Her comments were mostly out of the window. I was like, "yeah, I've heard that from somebody else, wait, I heard it just before you said something")

These are Top 4 Dancers' personal favorite routine of them:
1. Melanie Moore - "Total Eclipse of the Heart" w/ All-Star Neil Haskell, contemporary by Mandy Moore
2. Marko Germar - "Turn To Stone" w/ Melanie Moore, contemporary by Travis Wall
3. Tadd Gadduang - "Brotsjor" w/ Jordan Casanova, contemporary by Travis Wall
4. Sasha Mallory - "Misty Blue" w/ All-Star tWitch, Hip hop by Christopher Scott

"If you have reason to live, then you don't have reason to quit. I'm alive and  I'm not ever going to quit"-- Marko Germar.

The Result
  • Opening routine choreographed by Sonya Tayeh (the extraordinary Sonya Tayeh)

  • Just like on last season's finale, SYTYCD UK winner will get a chance to perform on SYTYCD in US. This year, after Charlie, female contemporary dancer who danced with Neil Haskell last season, the winner is Matt Flint, a tap dancer.He did an entertaining tap routine (or probably the most entertaining tap routine I've ever seen since the last time I saw Julie Andrews and Gene Kelly) together with the show's very own tap dancer, Nick Young and Broadway dancer, Jess LeProto, who are also from season 8.

It was a long journey. The video that recapped all of the journeys since the first day of audition until this week brought me to tears. I cried. I felt like I was with them all the time, because I've been supporting them since the first time I saw them, especially Melanie, Marko, Tadd and Sasha. I love them. I am inspired by their routines. (Well, the routines don't inspire me to dance, though, but I am inspired to do something more and feel what we can feel in this life, because feelings are one of the sweetest gifts to have, to understand others). 

They are gold, they are precious, no matter in what era they dance. 
It's such a great experience this year to see them dancing and grow as an artist that I will never forget. Once again, So You Think You Can Dance has just reborn in my mind.

I'm thankful that the judges still on the same format in the finale which is reminiscing the journey the show has had by re-performing the best and the most memorable routine on the season. 
Here are the judges' (and Cat Deeley's!) picks (note: most of them are my favorites too!) :
1. Sasha Mallory & All-Star Kent Boyd  - Fool of Me (Contemporary by Tyce Diorio, picked by Mary Murphy) = Mary Murphy picked this routine because in her opinion, it's amazing to see two dancers dancing, and channeling a story about life struggles to others. This routine, indeed, broke my heart. 
2. Melanie Moore & Marko Germar - I Got You (Hip hop routine by NappyTabs, picked by Nigel Lythgoe) = LOVE IN THE AIR AGAIN!

3. Tadd Gadduang & All-Star Lauren Froderman - Another One Bites The Dust (Jazz by Mandy Moore, picked by Robin Antin) = Sexy. 
4. Robert Taylor & Miranda Malleski - Break Ya Neck (Hip hop by NappyTabs, picked by Lil'C) 
5. Top 8 dancers - The Circus Sets Up (Broadway by Tyce Diorio, picked by Cat Deeley) = It's my favorite too, Cat! This routine is so magical like Mia Michaels' "Alice in MiaLand" routine last season. Dance about circus is usually freakish or too childish in a good way, but the show or even everybody has never seen a circus-themed routine so beautiful and magical so it can reform your long forgotten childhood memories :')

6. Melanie Moore & All-Star Neil Haskell - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Contemporary by Mandy Moore, picked by Mary Murphy) = Biggest leap of faith ever. I will never forget this routine, the jump, the broken-heart feeling and the effortless lifts. This routine was crazy. For life's sake, someone has to jump to someone's arms or else people will never realize how importance your faith and trust are to others in your life ;)

7. Marko Germar & All-Star Allison Holker - I Know It's Over (Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh, picked by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) = Another emotional routine. Marko and Allison did bring the same feeling and I felt it again. It brought me to tears (and apparently, nobody was around me when I cried for a moment).
I love my mom. And I hope nothing that I've ever done in my life would disappoint her. Allison was like my mom, almost as perfect as most people's definition of perfect.
8. Top 10 Girls - Pop Drop & Roll (Jazz by Sonya Tayeh, picked by Tyce Diorio)
9. Ashley Rich & Chris Koehl - Please, Mister Jailer (Broadway by Spencer Liff, picked by Lil'C)
10. Sasha Mallory & All-Star Twitch - Misty Blue (Hip hop by Christopher Scott, picked by Nigel Lythgoe) = Nigel said Ellen DeGeneres wanted to do this routine in the finale (Ellen did the most unforgettable Hip hop routine of the season 7 last year, with tWitch in the finale since Alex was injured. It was awesome and hillarious! Ellen will forever be Ellen!) haha. Thank God she didn't get a chance to perform this or else this routine will turn out to be something else lmao. I usually think that Hip hop, is mostly related to loud, upbeat rhythm, jackets and cool shoes. It was actually a typical stereotype. This routine, if I can compare, was equivalent to season's Bleeding Love routine, danced by Mark Kanemura & Chelsie Hightower. 
12. Top 10 Guys - Velocity (Hip hop by Christopher Scott, picked by Sonya Tayeh)
13. Caitlynn Lawson & All-Star Pasha Kokalev - Malajunta (Argentine Tango by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo, picked by Jesse Tyler Fergusson) 
14. Melanie Moore & Marko Germar - Turn To Stone (Contemporary by Travis Wall, picked by Mary Murphy) = When the first time they danced together on the show, they blew everybody's mind away with the beauty of movements from the contemporary routine by the extraordinary Travis Wall. Chills. The first standing ovation of the season. 
15. Melanie Moore & Sasha Mallory - Game On (Jazz by Sonya Tayeh, picked by Nigel Lyhtgoe) = Ladies are out of the cage! Beasts! They danced the last routine of the season and the season was officially closed with an awesome routine. IT'S GAME ON, DUDE! :DDD

While these are the routines on the show that I wish they have more time on the finale to 're-perform' this:
1. Melanie Moore & Marko Germar - Skin and Bones (Contemporary by Dee Caspary)
2. Melanie Moore & Marko Germar - Triptico (Tango by Louis van Amstel)
3. Tadd Gadduang & Jordan Casanova - Memories 9Hip hop by NappyTabs)
4.  Melanie Moore & Sasha Mallory - Heart Asks Pleasure First (Contemporary by Stacey Tookey)
4. Marko Germar & Caitlynn Lawson - Heavy In Your Arms (Lyrical Jazz by Sonya Tayeh)
5. Caitlynn Lawson & Mitchell - To Love You More (Contemporary by Mandy Moore)

I have a lot of routines in mind that I love.
Including favorite solo performances from each contestants;
- Melanie Moore - "Cracks" (Top 6 week)
- Marko Germar - "Wonderful World" (Top 6 week)
- Tadd Gadduang - "Jump In the Line" (Top 8 week), "Only So Much Oil In the Ground" (Top 6 week) and "We No Speak Americano" (Top 6 week)
- Sasha Mallory - "Teeth"  (Top 6 week)

For Your Information,
Glee's Heather Morris, Naya Rivera and Harry Shum Jr. surprised the Top 4 contestants on the studio! They invited Melanie, Marko, Tadd and Sasha to GLEE 3D CONCERT MOVIE PREMIERE, on that day! Marko and Tadd were still doing their bromance stuff on their apartment before the movie premiere. While Melanie, wore Gaga's platform shoes lmao. 
Btw, during the red carpet, the Top 4 contestants got a chance to interview the glee casts and people behind them.
Tadd and Marko asked Harry whether there's more room for another Asian or not (lol) 

Oh, I wished I was there. It'd be double happiness for me. Glee casts and SYTYCD 8's Top 4 dancers? I would kill anybody to make it come true trololol

(spoiler: Kellan, the mini-warbler, appeared on the concert movie, sitting on a piano when Darren asked him to join them to sing. Aaaahhh, Glee knows how to make my life happy. My body will totally be all around the places, I will melt in happiness)

Expectation for next season of SYTYCD: 
- Alex Wong as the All-Star dancer,
- No more disco routine,
- No new choreographers on the show that are unfamiliar to us in the finale,
- The same format like this season's; paired up with fellow contestants before the Top 10 and afterwards, they are paried up with All-Star dancers
- Lady Gaga on the judges board again
- More tears and emotional routines
- More various dance styles from all around the world
- More Travis Wall and Mandy Moore
- Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman!
- Appreciation to Dance fans from all around the world! 

Mr. Personality
He could be whoever he wanted on the show. He danced African Jazz, Viennese Waltz, Waltz, Hip hop, Foxtrot, Broadway, Contemporary, Jazz until Stepping. He is the most remarkable B-boy on the show because has made it this far! It's not only about his capability to take up every challenges thrown to him, but he also an entertainer, a true performer when he dances B-boy and his bright personality. I couldn't be more proud of him! Congratulations, Tadd!
Considered as the last man standing. He truly is. Not just in contemporary, but he also did bring colors and inspiration when he danced other dance styles on the show. Jazz, Lyrical Hip hop, Tango, Samba, Disco, Broadway until Stepping. He inspired me when he danced Turn to Stone, I Got You, Americano and Skin and Bones routine with Melanie, Samba routine with Chelsie Hightower, I Know It's Over routine with Allison Holker and Heavy In Your Arms routine with Caitlynn. I've been supporting Marko since I first time saw him and I've never taken my eyes off of him every single week! Watching him to grow and dance in the competition was an honor for me and I feel gracious about that. He is my new favorite male contemporary dancer and I would like to dance like him forever if I am a contemporary dancer. He's nice (I can tell you that because he replied me on Twitter lol *just kidding*, but he is actually a nice young man!) , he is also humble, hard-worker. He will always has a place in people's heart (especially mine, because he is amazing, sensational and I could be the happiest person ever if he talked and taught me bunches of things based on his experience through his art) Congratulations, Marko! 

Cat: And what are you going to remember the most?
Marko: All these crazy people! MELANIE! 

Marko: "MELANIE!"
Known and feared as the warrior princess since the beginning of the show, Sasha has jumped across the widest river on the world. She is so fierce and her feminism was shown beautifully a lot of times. Congratulations, Sasha!

Melanie was born to dance! Everytime she dances, she has character, flexibility, versatility, beauty and true emotion. She made it through from the audition day, to Vegas week, until now. I've been supporting her since I first time saw her audition in Atlanta this season and I've never taken my eyes off of her every single week. Watching her to grow and dance in the competition was an honor for me and I feel gracious about that. I want to be like her if I am a dancer! haha. Coz she is a beast and the beauty! YOU ARE AMERICA'S FAVORITE DANCER, MELANIE! YEAY!! CONGRATULATIONS! <3

Melanie's Journey... (with Marko) 

I Got You :)


Some of my favorite things are Harry Potter and live action series/movies adapted from a Japanese popular manga, Nodame Cantabile. It’s sad to know the fact that both of them are even nearer to its ending. Most people definitely have known Harry Potter movies since 2001 (Who doesn’t? Harry Potter is the most epic movies series ever!) How about Nodame Cantabile? Nodame Cantabile, in my opinion, is one of the best manga (Japanese cartoon) ever made. Its unique story development grows as the classic music starts to grow more in the younger & wider community which makes Nodame Cantabile as a suitable entertainment and source of inspiration for people who loves music, humors and dramas like me.

I didn’t do a lot of things last Saturday, but there were two things which were the highlights of the first week of August: I watched Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt. II and Nodame Cantabile the Movie 2 (the continuation of the previous movies and series). I’ve been waiting to watch them for a half year.

I just came out from my bedroom when I saw my father in the TV room. He asked me whether I want to watch Harry Potter or not. Without a doubt, I said yes to him. Then he went to BSD XXI to buy the tickets for himself, my mom, my brother and me. When he was on his way to there, I watched Nodame Cantabile the Movie 2 while having my lunch. For a moment, I had a hard time to breathe because I was too aroused and excited for that. The longing feeling to listen to more music, fresh humor and more dramas were finally gone in less than three hours. I just love everything about it and there’s nothing I can say to make it better. After several years of fun, learning and search for the thing the characters really want to do, everything is ended with a happy ending. It told me one thing: we need friends to help us to move on and to lean on.

After I took my Mandarin course, we went to BSD Plaza at 6.30 PM. We still had an hour so we decided to eat for dinner in the food-court near BSD XXI. I hadn’t eaten so much at school, so I was “tempted” to eat fettuccine and chicken steak to satisfy my appetite. After we finished, we heard an announcement that the door is already opened, so we went inside for the very first time after several months, since last April, when some issues regarding the cinemas in Indonesia to have Hollywood movies have occurred. 

During those time, many spoilers and reactions from those who’ve watched it, came out from everywhere on the internet. I found a funny reaction which is portrayed by a stick-man cartoon of Harry Potter fan crying when the title appears on the screen. It somehow happened to me. I didn’t actually cry when the WarnerBros title appeared, but I felt so odd and broken-hearted because the story and the characters have been so amazing, inspiring, empowering and honest after 10 years, 8 movies and 7 books, so it’s hard to let everything ends after 
all. But it all ended with a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious way.

Quotes from Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt. II 
Lord Voldemort: "Why do you live?"Harry Potter: "I have something worth living for" 
"Not my daughter, bitch!"-- Molly Weasley.
"Words are, in my not so humble opinion, the most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it."-- Albus Dumbledore.  
Happy ending for both Harry Potter novels/movies and Nodame Cantabile characters! (Hats off to J.K Rowling, Tomoko Ninomiya and the all of the casts from both movies!)

Last Saturday, the happiness dose was definitely doubled. I was 100% amused after five hectic and overwhelming days at school. It has made me think that sometimes if I let everything goes as it has to be, the things that make me happy, will eventually come.