Bynamic Fest 2011 #CitraCitaCinta

The Journey.....

"Yes, we are different" is the slogan for this year's Bynamic Fest, a Binus Harmony of Are & Music Festival, by Binus International School Serpong students. We had the successful Bynamic Fest two years ago and now, the committee intended to continue our seniors' hard work to promote our school, also to create an environment that supports the students involve to be more independent, sociable and responsible. 
There are so many art & music festivals held by the other school in Indonesia, but the committee has initiative to make something different. Instead of having bands/performers only, they decided to showcase the heritage of Indonesia.

There are five different zones, that each represents the natural & cultural heritage of Indonesia:

Source: BynamicFest2011's blog

Here are the photos I found on Facebook.
I posted this because there were things that I wish I could take a picture of.

Here are the photos I took!
(check my Facebook to see more photos!)

Lindsay (The Glee Project) + Melanie Moore (SYTYCD 8) = Amazing

New Marko & Tadd bromance stuff (+ new updates from SYTYCD 8 contestants!)


They are room-mates!

@ Six Flags!

By the way, I found this photo of Tadd & Caitlynn. I am officially a shipper of them. 

Glee updates!

 - Chris Colfer on Jay Leno's show with Kristin Chenoweth (Part 1) (Part 2)

Lea & Ryan Murphy are signing tees for their fans

Lea with Anna Wintour!
FYI, Lea wears Alexander Wang #nice

They are always perfect together 
Heather on Fitness magazine cover
Damian is finally working in the studio~!
- New glee season 3 promo! (Extended version of the "Dodge ball")

- and Glee season 3's first look!

Lebaran Break 2011 (+VMA 2011. Glee, SYTYCD & The Glee Project stuff)

I didn't ask for a bunch of things before the holiday started. Instead, life gave me a lot of things that I had to do until my body couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't sleep tight, I was lack of sleeping hour and food. I've had enough and it sadly made the first impression of high school worse. Aside from doing lots of tasks which burdened my life . There are times when you can say that you can not handle everything being thrown to you, right? Thankfully those things were kind of swept away by lebaran break which I had been waiting for 
(My mind was blessed, or else I would go nut for several days)

These are the things that I had to work on, since the first day in August ...
(I'm telling you, these might sound not that hard or fun to you, but believe me, you'll pull back your words)

1. English (so-called) Short Movie Project. Well, I've never liked making movie. In addition to that, we had to finish the project in one and a half-week. I was like....

2. Lost my stapler, black permanent marker, red and blue markers.
3. I (and some of my classmates) worked so hard to make the slogan, for the slogan-making (which apparently, there was no such thing as a slogan-making competition, instead, they combined it with gapura making competition) but no one even cared about it nor asked where to put it after we finished it 
4. When I was in grade 9, the teacher probably gave us "'less intensity" of unit tests each week since we were studying for both school and UAN. Then now, unit tests are coming like rain. When few drops of water fall, there are actually more and more to come. 
5. Lots of homework :S 
6. Art poster. 

(You gotta see my schedule for August)

I know there are going to be more upcoming hectic days ahead, and I kind of think that it'll be hard for me to CARPE DIEM when things are already beyond your limit.
in September, it is definitely possible to do.......
New seasons of my favorite shows are returning this season and I hope I've prepared myself well for everything!
Can you imagine?
Glee, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, The Amazing Race, Bones and The Big Bang Theory =D

Mari mengheningkan cipta atas jasa liburan lebaran yang telah mempulihkan jiwa dan raga dari kesibukan sekolah yang hendak merajalela di kehidupan di SMA yang bahkan belum satu semester.
What Happened:
(There would be lots of posts if I didn't 'compile' them. Sorry if this is too long)

1. I ate too much chocolate in the first day of the break and that wasn't a good idea if you do that in the morning. I ended up in the toilet for almost 7 minutes, with stomach 'writhing in pain'
2. Glee's "Fashion" music video for Fashion's Night Out 2011 promo
Beep beep...beep beep...
(Fashion) Turn to the left! 
(Fashion) Turn to the right! 
3. Glee season 3 promo! (September 20, come faster!)
4. I watched "Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension" movie!
5. Tweets from Marko, Melanie & Tadd about the rehearsals for the upcoming tour drove me crazy. I really want to watch them on tour so bad. And I wish I could teleport myself to there.
This is the video (another bromance stuff) of Marko & Tadd:
They are reunited
6. FPI did what they usually did (can someone just stop them? They are the one who need to get modernize and educated). 
7. I watched the news about Hurricane Irene on CNN and I was shaking. I really thought that East Coast was safe from hurricanes of tornadoes because it experiences less natural disasters compared to the other part in U.S. 
8. Five slices of pizza FTW! 
9. This 
10. I found Lindsay Pearce's YouTube channel and there are lots of precious videos of the glee project contenders. I love the friendship between them! Check all of the videos out!
11. "Beats and Feet 2011" promo (featuring SYTYCD's Marko Germar and Kathryn McCormick)
12. This is a video of Mandy Moore (choreographer), and Alex Wong
and MELANIE MOORE before the season 8 started. Ohmai. I really miss Alex and I miss seeing Melanie dancing every week~
13. I checked some of the The Glee Project contenders' blog on and here is what Damian wrote about Hannah;
"In my opinion, Hannah is what Glee is all about more than anybody else left in the competition. She is Glee"
"When she left, I was in the floods of tears. Me, Hannah and Cameron, we were a real team. We got each other through this experience, and I felt lonely. I mean, I get along with everybody great, but us 3 were different. We clicked. And I am now the only one of the three left. It was a hard moment for me. To lost a great friend and then to realize that in two weeks."
"Hannah is a friend for life. She is so beautiful and SASSY!! Haha...that girl..there is never a dull moment, she is a star."

Also read what Damian wrote on his blog after Cameron decided to quit (link)

14. According to GleeWiki, the name of the character Damian will play on glee is going to be Cameron. Is it true? If it's true, it's time to worship their legendary bromance. Their bromance is infectious and contagious lol. (and you shall deal with it)
15. My Japanese cousin, Kai, came to visit my house (it's the third time I saw him!!) He is now 6 years old and speaks English. He and his mom brought a lot of delicious snacks that I could eat them all during holiday! And by the way, he plays piano too, just like his mom. Smart!
What do you think about him? =)
The first time he visited Indonesia
16. ANPANMAN!!! :9

17. Sasha tweeted some photos of the rehearsal for the SYTYCD Tour this year and I became even more excited about the tour! I wish I could watch them (Marko, Melanie and Tadd) live! I am a big fan of them!
Mel & Marko are rehearsing their 'Statue routine'
18. Amber Riley forgot that Dianna has changed her twitter name :p
19. Joko Anwar is the best Indonesian man on Twitter lol. 
By the way, speaking of Cinta Laura, I'm interested to watch her MOVIE, "The Philosophers" which set in Indonesia and the movie is claimed to showcase the beauty of Indonesia's nature. I think it's good. I won't be distracted with her appearance anyway (sorry, Cinta Laura fans)
20. SYTYCD 8 contestants (& Kent) went to Disneyland
and I started to think that Tadd and Caitlynn are getting closer. hmm..
By the way, here is the video of Tadd, Chris and Nick doing a more-than-ordinary stuff (they were doing the Angry Birds in real life trololol)

21LEA MICHELE'S BIRTHDAY!!! . .dsfasdf
Too bad that Hurricane Irene was striking her home, NYC, when she celebrated her birthday... 
 I love her
Lea's autograph *stars*
Beautiful, isn't it? I could stare at it every seconds~
Lea retweeted Lady Gaga's tweet, about Hurricane Irene in NYC, which
is a home for both Lea Michele and Lady Gaga.

22.. MTV VMA 2011.
- Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Britney Spears sat on the front row..... 
THEY ARE THE THREE BIGGEST POP STARS IN THE 21ST CENTURY. omaigat.- Lady Gaga opened the night singing "You and I" and performed as Gaga's alter ego, Jo Calderone. 
- Lady Gaga won MTV VMA's first Best Video With a Message and Best Female Video for "Born This Way"!!
Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone
#gr8ful :)
- Britney Spears won Best Pop Video for "Till the World Ends"

They almost did it!
- Chord Overstreet was on the VMA stage announcing the winner of Best Collaboration

- Katy Perry won Best Collaboration for "E.T" and Video of the Year for "Firework" (I'm sad that Gaga didn't win this year). By the way, Katy Perry looked gorgeous in every outfit she wore on this year's VMA.
Katy with her pink hair!
- Adele performed "Someone Like You". This wasn't announced on TV, but Adele's "Rolling In the Deep" won four awards. 

- Chris Brown's performance was 

- Tribute for Brintey Spears with Britney's dance in higher-speed was insane! Britney is a mad genius, a sheer genius. One More Time, Oops I Did It Again, Toxic, Stronger, Me Against the Music, I'm A Slave For You, Till The World Ends, Hold It Against Me, I LOVE ALL OF THEM.
- Beyonce is pregnant! And still looked superduper gorgeous on the VMA. Her "Run the World" music video won Best Choreography this year. And her performance (singing "Love On Top") was so incredible (and she made Adele sang along! haha). She has one of the 'best-est' voices in the world. Congratulations for the baby, B! Your child will run your world awesomely :-)

Beyonce threw her mic and showed her belly~
Kanye congratulates Jay-Z and Beyonce for their baby!
(I think Kanye was too happy about that....)
- Amy Winehouse tribute: Amy was indeed a brilliant and godly-talented singer. May she rest in peace.
- Everybody on Tumblr & Twitter commented on Lil' Wayne's performance. When Nicki said Lil' Wayne is the best rapper. I thought; "Well, that's her opinion, but for me, he isn't the best. I admit that his music sounds great, I just don't listen to it often" but then when he closed the award night, singing @#%$^&!* (well, I don't know the title of the song), he went sort of drunk person after making out trying to rap -__- I was hoping somebody would come up to the stage and drag him (btw, the fact that he used autotune, pissed everybody off lmao)
23. New Glee season 3 sneak peak 
can't wait~~

We Got the Beat

24. I made a new tumbleblog !
Screencap of one of the posts
25. Coin!
Total: Rp 349,900
26. Chocolate mousse was in the house! 
27. Watched Final Destination 5
28. Read new Glee Spoilers! 
I read a lot of things from some reliable sources and I'm looking forward to everything in season 3! haha. But one thing, Damian will portray an exchange student who stays with Brittany's family on the fourth episode (but the character's name isn't going to be Cameron, instead, Rory...) 
Glee 3x01 "The Purple Piano Project"
29. I finally downloaded Tap Tap Glee and I played it all night long. And I also played Fruit Slice on the next day  (I annoyingly freaked out when I hit a bomb on that game! And apparently, it reminded me of McKynleigh's video of Damian freaking out when he hit the bomb *too much and-s*)
I gotta say Lindsay looks so beautiful in this video. 
I love her laugh *winks* lol
30. Friendship! I love this photo!
Marissa, Hannah, Bryce, Damian, Lindsay and Samuel
31. I finally saw Pia Toscano's "This Time" music video! Love her! 
32. Heather Morris & Naya Rivera funny moments video, and Lea Michele's special moment video

33. Video of unaired "Can't Fight This Feeling" performance of Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson on Glee) 

34. Video of Marko, Tadd, Nick & Jordan here 
This was somehow,
Some of the best girls of SYTYCD 8!
Marko & Jordan
I found this old (not exactly...) photo posted by Marko on Twitter. Guess who is she?
She is the one and only, MELANIE MOORE <3

35. Dianna Agron changed her Twitter's profile picture (PINK HAIR!) 
Gorgeous, Lady D!

36. I sort of celebrated Mark Harmon's 60th birthday by honoring him, wearing grey T-shirt (I would like to have a grey hair like him when I reach 60 okay..)
37. Damian finally moved into his new apartment
and Hannah made him a breakfast. How sweet is that? :)
(btw, he also tweeted that 'Mr. Mitchell' is going to arrive at his apartment next week. I know it's going to be fun! Even I feel the excitement lol)
38. New Glee season 3 promo images. I love this "class photos"! :D
(I only posted some of the photos, to see all of the casts' photos, check this E!'s article)
By the way, the casts were so thoughtful to their fans. They knew we were all excited about the new season so they kept on giving us clues by tweeting what happened when they were working :') 

39. US's East Coast was shaken by an earthquake and thankfully there were no big damage on the city nor the people who live there. 
40. Sasha posted photos of herMarko (the silly one), Melanie, Caitlynn, Ricky & Missy.
Marko is inside a box. So silly
41. Blaine is seen with the New Directions kids and McKinley High's cheerios team in all promotional videos that have been released.
And these were the promotional videos;

42. Damian made a dinner for Hannah,
Just like what Cameron said to them; "HOW CUTE!" :D

Hannah gave him a goldfish (or American pet as she calls it), named Rufus. How sweet is that? :)
43. Indonesia vs Iran = 0-3
45. Alex Wong is back! It seems that his achilles is getting better and hope he'll recover soon! I want to see him again next season as the all-star dancer :D
These are the photos he tweeted:
Planking on NJ beach
but, what happened to Tadd? He wrote "Like I said....'on the grind' lol =D"

46. Lindsay told us that she's not in a relationship with Damian. 
(I actually wanted Damian & Lindsay to be a couple or make a five-some with Hannah, Cameron and Marissa)
Why, Lindsay, why?? You guys are perfect together.
47. Lea Michele and Chris Colfer's interviews for SkyGuide
"When I met Barbra Streisand in real life it was too much to handle – it was just so incredible that I was glad it only lasted ten seconds because after that I probably would have been face down on the ground! I can’t even imagine if I did that, what Rachel Berry would do!" -- Lea Michele
 "I want Julie Andrews to play my grandmother. I think it could happen!" -- Chris Colfer
"..everything has gone so fast, to hear the word graduation is so unbelievable at this point, but obviously its inevitable" -- Lea Michele
48. Damian's pet, named Rufus, has a Twitter. (lol wat)
And its tweets always made my last few days before school complete. In fact, I think it's probably the highlight of my lebaran break this year, seriously. I thought about it every hour, I always checked twitter if ever he tweeted something lol. I could favorite every tweet. I tweeted about Rufus..... 
What an amazing goldfish. 
Let me give you some brief details about Rufus;
Full Name: Rufus McGinty
Owner: Damian McGinty
Likes: #twimming
Dislikes: Cats
Favorite fish: Nemo
He has #AFishTale, #FishProblems and #TeamRufus or #twimmers to support him! :D 
#JustKeepSwimming! #KeepTwimmingOn! 

but, sadly, Rufus died on September 6. Leaving his owner and his beloved friends (and #twimmers)
It's too early! I've never loved a fish at such a short time (just like what Hannah tweeted) I couldn't believe he left us so soon :(
Tweets were still coming up from him until now, he's still live in our heart. 
RIP Rufus, you'll always be remembered.
49. Cameron greeted his Indonesian fans!
50. Beautiful. Tears were all over my face. 
I love this guy's voice and heart. 
He sang "Imagine" after what has happened (wars and riots) in his homeland.