I'll Never Find the Good in Goodbyes

Season 3 was wrapped and the new era will be started soon. Eight amazing people graduated and ready to seize the next days of their future. The series is no longer about the fourteen amazing people stumbling on their way to win Nationals but it's going to be also about how are they going to live their dreams after all that they've been through and the new generation.

Their journey to Nationals had them remembering those times when glee club only consisted of five members; Rachel, Mercedes, Artie, Kurt and Tina. They performed their rendition of "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat" probably for the very last time in the choir room, which brought me into tears. I'm just so sad that those times of them in the choir room had to end.

I always love new things and old things. I can't decide. 
I'm excited to see what's next, but I also don't want what has been in store for so long to change. 

Yea, it's been an amazing three years, three seasons and countless of happy days. 

Let me throw papers and sit in the corner

I've just finished my final exam in grade 10 and I'm fully prepared to enjoy the last month at school.
How did I feel about the exam?
I feel disappointed.

I failed in Chemistry, Math, and English.
I had difficult times reviewing chemistry, I was sick when I had my math exam and I couldn't finish an essay + a question where I had to arrange the sentences that make a news article (which was hard).

I prepared so many things before the 4th term started, which was a month before the exam. I made the schedule, but things got so out of control-- assignments, tests, projects and homework burdened the whole month while we're supposed to spend time reviewing, which left my schedule unused and I struggled to accomplish everything as best as I could. 
I could blame them all but how's that gonna help me?

All I did for years was the same thing: spend more time for make summary, review and practice. It's just recently, I lost focus, which is a capital no when you have exam coming up on the way. There were things that haunted me; streaming, college, how to improve my academic portfolio, should I join the SC or not, dreams... (dang it!)
So I barely mastered everything. I was like scanning the words, analyze them then try to remember it after. 

I predicted that my score will be less than semester 1, even compared to previous years. I just hope that my average will be more than 70 and I don't fail in a particular subject. I wish I would regain my focus completely since I will only have to focus on performing well , pick a college and the course. I won't have to think about the streaming because once I left grade 10, my path at least would be clearer *fingers crossed*

By the way, I will not be having music, art and ICT as special subjects in grade 11. It sucks. I love those subjects, those have been sort of a runway for me from so 'tight' times. I always performed well in those subjects and they gave me confidence. 
Well, what else could I do?
It's been a great time having those subjects for, like, 10 years, in my school life. I won't forget it, especially the teachers, who have special place in my life. 

The last project involved music, art, ICT, and mandarin components: we had to write lyrics, compose a song, create an album cover, translate the lyrics into mandarin and combining them all, we had to make an album as a big group.

This is the song that I wrote and composed, sung by two of my groupmates:

I'm dedicating this song to my elementary friends, teachers, Glee cast and for all lovable and unforgettable memories <3