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The Demon Days

I’m copying the paragraphs from the book. (you can read it, because Egyptians myths are interesting to learn in my opinion, like Greek myths)

Goddess of the sky, Nut was married to the Earth God, Geb. Geb and Nut want to have kids, but the King of the Gods or Sun God, Ra heard the bad prophecy, that a child of Nut and Geb would replace Ra as the King of the Gods one day. So when Ra learned out that Nut was pregnant, he forbade Nut to give birth to her children on any day or night of the year (so Nut had to stay pregnant, forever) Then Nut figured out a way. She set a game of dice with the Moon God, Khons. Everytime Khons lost; he had to give nut some of his moonlight. He lost so many times, Nut won enough moonlight, to create FIVE NEW DAYS and tag them to the end of the year. The Egyptians calendar had three hundred sixty (360) articles in a circle, Nut created extra five days and added them to the end of the year, and days were not part of the regular years. A year has three hundred and sixty five (365) days and Nut suppose to have her children during those extra five days. So, Nut gave birth on those five days, one kid a day, in a row. When Ra found out, he was furious but it was too late. The children were already born, their names are;

1. Osiris
2. Horus
3. Set
4. Isis
5. Nephthys

Those five days are called as Demon Days [I have no idea the reason of why they named it as Demon Days] , those days were bad luck in ancient Egypt.

Source: The Kane Chronicles: THE RED PYRAMID (by Rick Riordan)

Rick Riordan was the author of Percy Jackson and the Olympian series (The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan’s Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian, I admit it that all of those five books are brilliant. The words he used are not complicated or difficult or in dictionary, the words are in beginner or intermediate category not expert. I’m not expert or fluent in English, that’s why I understand the story in these books---- I read all of them)

Jak Fair 2010

An Annual event held by Jakarta province government to celebrate the anniversary of Jakarta, the capital city of Republic of Indonesia. This event last for one month, from mid-June until the mid-July each year. The venue is always in Kemayoran, North Jakarta. The main time of this event is actually on June 22nd which is the anniversary day of Jakarta. This year, is Jakarta’s 483th year. There are always exhibitions, music concert, food stands, stores, etc. This is also one way to spend your holiday even just one day or one night.

There’s a lot to see there. I saw a little girl rock-climbing, boys riding on a tandem cycle, Styrofoam-made Borobudur temple miniature, flying fox over a small pool in the night and there’s a full moon, beautiful. And there’s always thing that you need to do during this event, which is eat kerak telor, a traditional Betawi food (Betawi is one of the major tribe in Jakarta). By the way, I actually expect my father to buy me a telephoto lens for my SLR camera, but when I visited their stands, my father said that he knows the store, near his store in Glodok, and he’ll probably buy it for me. Well, I hope that he’ll buy it for me

You know what, I felt a bit annoyed and uneasy that night.
My father really wants to buy me a motorcycle! That’s final. [What!?] [Okay, I’m a bit imitating the style of writing from The Red Pyramid, do you know what I mean, sorry] The reasons my dad wants to buy me a motorcycle are;
1. I need to be able to ride a motorcycle,
2. I can go anywhere I want easily without depending on someone to take or pick you up.

Well, here are my reason why I don’t want to buy it FOR ME [Take note that I mean it as FOR ME]
1. I’m, pretty sure that my younger want it MOORRREEEE than me (I’m not even getting any interested for that, my brother’s world is automotive, motorcycles, cars, he was the one who really excited) so, why don’t you buy it FOR HIM, he will be the one who responsible for his motorcycle. I still can borrow it right? If I borrow it, that means I ride the motorcycle.
2. If my father want to buy something for me, I would ask him to buy other things (You know that I want a Macbook, and yet, I want a cello or oboe, or maybe my dad can use the money for paying fees. Not just that, my mother start to think that she needs to do some sport because of her body condition, but she prefer to do it at home, like treadmill. Why can’t he buy a treadmill for my mom?)

I don’t care whatever my parent or my brother said, but IF my father bought it for me, and then my parent complain that they don’t have enough money for school fees, courses fees, daily needs etc , then we need to minimize our expenses …………… …………. …….. ……. (I hope it won’t be like that) 

{I’m wondering why sometimes or we often can’t get what we want, but other person give us what we don’t really want or need, then we can’t respect or appreciate it}

This Has to Stop

Ini sih cuma bentuk pelampiasan keheranan sekaligus kesel, jadi kalo tersinggung ya semoga sadar kalo di dunia ini tuh manusia pasti beda-beda, gak mungkin sama, biasanya lo kenal orang ada yang gampang marah tapi ada yang nggak, ada orang yang cuek ada orang yang gak dsb, tapi biasakan lo anggap orang yang lo sebut -alay-, -lebay-, -caper- itu sama seperti sifat-sifat yang lain.

Alay, lebay, caper, sering banget ngeliat ocehan orang-orang yang gak seneng sama mereka di Facebook, Twitter, dsb.
Ada beberapa alasan yang orang” pake knapa gak suka sama orang yang ‘alay’ ‘lebay’ ‘caper’ ;
1. Kayak kalo yg dibilangin ‘alay’, nulisnya kdng ada yg huruf kecil-gede, pake Angka. Beberapa bilang susah dibaca, ribet, jijik. Gak perlu langsung update status semacam “ini ada anak alay banget” ato “dasar anak alay”, gampang kan? Lo gk perlu bikin anak itu tersinggung, malu, merasa gak enak seharian, cuma karena lo gak suka anak alay, plis, lo yg lebih kanak-kanak daripada dia, egois malah.
2. Kalo 'caper' itu dia cari perhatian, mungkin sok eksis.
Anak-anak yang nyebut orang lain 'caper' itu menurut gue begini alasannya,
- takut disaingin
- merasa udah yang populer, eksis (belagu dan sombong)
mungkin kalian ada pendapat lain ttg alasan2nya.
Anak yang caper itu butuh perhatian lebih dari kalian sebagai teman yang tidak terlalu dekat atau kenal mereka.
Mungkin dia adalah penyendiri, pemalu, sehingga pada satu waktu, cara cari perhatian nya dia kamu anggap salah, lalu kalian bilang kalo dia itu 'caper'.
Ato, dia iri, ato berkeinginan untuk dianggap, dihargai, atau mungkin dikenal oleh kalian. Wajar dong. Mungkin kalian berpikir, ngapain dia terkenal, eksis, populer, dia gak ada apa2nya dibandingin sama yang lain ato dia memang belum bisa eksis karna mungkin lo sombong ato karna lo pikir orang eksis semisal orang yang pinter, berbakat, gaul, banyak teman sedangkan orang yang lo sebut 'caper' itu tidak terlalu seperti itu (kayak lo bilang "Lo ngaca dulu dong").
Hargain aja napa, gak usah langsung bilang "ini anak caper banget dah"
bikin dia merasa kecewa. Mungkin aja karna tekadnya untuk dianggap, dihargain orang banyak, populer, terkenal bisa membuat dia menjadi orang yang lebih baik daripada kalian.

Dua pihak sih ada yang bener ada yang nggak bener juga, tapi terlihatnya orang yang disebut orang begitu menurut gue yang kesalahannya dikit. Mereka mungkin tidaktahu, harus bagaimana bertindak, bereaksi, menulis status dsb dengan benar seperti kalian yang udah paham. Kalo begitu, kasih tahu mereka baik-baik, kalo mereka nolak ya, masih ada kok yang lain, yang butuh nasehat ato kritikan lo yang membangun. Lo jadi guru bagi mereka kan, daripada lo jadi musuh.

Dan dipikir-pikir, di dunia ini pasti ada hal yang kita suka, ada hal yang kita tidak suka.
Kita harus bijak.
Karena hal yang tidak kita sukai itu bisa memicu kita untuk menjadi orang yang tidak menghargai orang, berkata salah (ngejek ato hina) , bahkan hal yang kita sukai itu bisa memicu kita untuk tidak mengendalikan bagaimana mengeksresikan perasaan. Lo masih sekolah, belajar hargain keberadaan orang-orang seperti itu. Gimana lo gedenya?

Untuk anak-anak yang merasa disebut seperti itu,
gue pikir sih,
mending coba deh ya pertimbangkan lagi mau mengubah sifat lo ato nggak, karna itu pilihan lo. Lo bisa jadiin itu keunikan lo, ciri khas lo, lo bisa ekspresikan diri lo sepuasnya asalkan tidak melanggar norma, peraturan dan hukum kok.
Tapi dengan adanya orang-orang yang kadang gak seneng dengan kalian, kalian harus pikirkan lebih matang2 lagi :)

Gak semuanya bisa menjadi apa yg lo harepin, gak semua hal yang lo gak suka bisa hilang.
gue bukan orang yg udah lebih baik ato bahkan sempurna drpada kalian.
Cuma ya, gue gak benci orang ‘alay’ ‘lebay’ ‘caper’ :)

Hari Ulang Tahun Jakarta yang ke 483

Abang: "wah, Jakarte ni ye, udah hampir empat abad, seneng abang"
Eneng: "Iye, tapi jangan seneng dulu bang. Masih banyak hal-hal yang masih acak kabul disono"
Emak: "betul tuh si eneng. Masih ada rakyat miskin beragam nasib kayak kite-kite, kudu di atur ame pemerinteh (pemerinteh, aneh gak)"
Tukang sayur nongol; "Pemerinteh ma masih ngurusin pajak, mall-mall, orang yang berduit yang diurusin"
Ibu-ibu: "gak cuma itu kok, banjir setiap tahun, anak-anak jalanan, dan kata suami saya Jakarta, kota macet"
Abang: "kalo begini terus mah, muka kita mo ditaro dimane kalo negeri kita aja, ibukotanya gak bener"

tiba-tiba pak Gubernur datang ...
Gubernur: "Dengan itu, kita membutuhkan semua golongan masyarakat Jakarta untuk membantu dalam perwujudan Jakarta yang lebih baik. Seperti bayar pajak anda, agar uang yang kami terima bisa untuk transportasi publik yang lebih baik atau membangun tempat tinggal dan biaya hidup untuk warga miskin dan lain-lain"

Semuanya: 'Mari, kita membangun Jakarta yang lebih baik!!"

----pesan layanan ini disampaikan olehh...---


(ini kan gak bermaksud menyinggung)

AMIN! Semoga Jakarta lebih baik ya.