Rachel, Yes / No?

Wait, is that a ring on Lea's hand? 
Yes/No started Glee in 2012 with pure excitement (because Glee's back, people!), as well as a big question mark. The episode has successfully managed to cover up Will's proposal to Emma (yeay Wemma), Mercedes' dilemma over Sam or Shane (Samcedes FTW) and a one or two seconds scene of Blainchel on the pool when Blaine lifted Rachel up during synchronized swimming haha. (yes, a pool. Boobs and arms all the way lmao)

*le dies*
The episode ended with Finn proposing to Rachel, but Rachel hasn't answered him yet. Then Rachel Berry  fans on Twitter started to tweet reasons why #RachelSayNo (but I'm on #RachelSayYes team!)
This is a sign of the declining Finchel fandom *sobs* (not now, please)
But by the way, today, several pics gave me a light to guide me in the dark. 
As you can see in the two pictures above,
A. ring. on. Lea's. hand. And. a. Rachel. Berry. dress. Also. Cory. wears. shirt. which. is. not. Finn's. normal. clothes.

Well, you judge =)

(photo source: leamichelenews)

China's Got Talent 2011: 12y.o Mongolian boy sings "Mother in the Dream"

Les Miserables Film Cast

According to IMDB and broadwayworld, here are the cast of the upcoming Les Miserables movie that is planned to be released this December:

1. Jean Valjean - Hugh Jackman
2. Fantine - Anne Hathaway
(Hugh and Anne are great actors as well as singers too! Watch and listen to them singing by clicking these following links; Oscar 2009, another in Oscar 2009, Oscar 2011, Tony Award 2011, another Tony Award performance in the previous year, The Boy from Oz, Ella Enchanted)
3. Javert - Russel Crowe
4. Thernardier - Sacha Baron Cohen
(I'm not really sure....)
5. Marius - Eddie Redmayne
6. Cosette - Amanda Seyfried
(her voice is beautiful! Watch Mamma Mia!)
7. Eponine - Taylor Swift
8. Enjolras - Aaron Tveit
9. Madame Thernadier - Helena Bonham Carter

The news was overwhelming until I saw Taylor Swift name. I didn't know that she is actually capable of singing musical and playing Eponine (or probably not really). It disappointed me even more when I found out that Lea Michele was also nominated for that role.
Taylor is a great talented musician and that's what makes her a big name in the industry without a question. When it comes to playing the role of Eponine, I definitely go for Lea Michele. Here are the reasons why:
- Lea has been on the musicals even longer than Taylor whom as far as I've known, has zero experience on it.  Lea was even on Les Miz portraying young Eponine when she was 8, then she has performed "On My Own" (an iconic song of the role) several times. Lea has also been on the other Broadway, such as Tony Award-winning "Spring Awakening". And her remarkable character and talent on Glee add ten plus point for her as an amazing singer, as well as an actress. Lea Michele undoubtedly has everything that it takes to play the role of Eponine and she'll nail it successfully just like the original cast, Lea Salonga.
- Lea's voice is larger than her life. Lea has that voice that can express everything effortlessly. On the other hand, I really doubt that Taylor can do that because I'm sure that her voice is actually perfectly tailored for pop/country. What is the highest, the longest and the loudest note can do? (Well, if she does have a big voice, then why not everyone knows about it right away? Why waste such talent? Those questions once popped out in mind and that uncertainty probably what makes disappointment and disagreement in this case)

Those reasons above aren't intended to sort of  mock Taylor's voice, but to judge which one deserves the role of Eponine fairly because I really have no idea that Taylor could be trusted to play the role.

Speaking of Broadway, I found the new video of Connie Talbot singing Wicked's iconic song, "Defying Graavity" (she appeared on Britain's Got Talent and many other shows in US with her incredibly voice that is rare to be found on children on her age)
(And yes, she looks so pretty)

Welcoming 2012 in Lembang; Bye 2011, I’ll miss being a kid

In the previous journal, I listed down the ways of how I spent my days before and after my birthday in Singapore. Those days were really special and I couldn’t ask for a better one (Well, if I could, I would like watch Wicked and meet the cast again). Then this is what happened in Lembang, where I spent the last two days of 2011 with my family, my father’s friends and their family:

~~I could only go out of my room to eat, go somewhere else, take a bath, trying to finish “Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close” as fast as possible and fill in my empty water bottle, for three days (It seemed to be a temporary daily routine, huh?). I didn’t expect myself to be that discreet (baca: salah tingkah), but what could I do? I am officially 16 years old and there’s no way I’m going to fit in among 13 years old below kids like I used to (I feel awkward when being around them). I love kids but not when I have to be around them. Aside from that, when parents can talk with other parents, kids can play around with other kids, meanwhile I solemnly waiting for the end of those moments.

~~~~Aside from that small desperate issue about age and a perhaps major change in my life, I was incredibly glad to feel the fresh air, listening to birds singing in the morning and a life without traffic congestion and crowd (even though it was just for a while). I went to a strawberry farm, I watched the kids milked the cows, got to see a city night and sunrise view…

…but most importantly, fireworks, which is one of my favorite things. New Year’s Eve without fireworks is like thinking of Titanic but not the iceberg, right?

I also got to watch a video of lovely Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on YouTube. It instantly made my day. What a gold.
(I wish they're a couple, make out, marry, have beautiful babies and live happily ever after)

Last day of the year doesn’t necessarily have to be special in the way of where, how and with whom we celebrate the New Year. Mine, wasn’t really as special as like what I expected in the beginning of 2011. At least I was with my family and I had quality time instead of doing my daily (holiday) routine (which could possibly be the least-wanted activity) haha~
Speaking about New Year, people surely have their own new or updated goals and expectations. So do I. But I’m still working on the details and the language (Well, a word can change the world. It’s a warning). I’ll list down all of them later and I really hope that by the end of 2012, which I hope that the world doesn’t end yet at that time or decades after it, I’ll manage to accomplish all of them *smiles big and fingers-crossed* Wish me luck then!

By the way, have a great year of 2012 ahead! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your holiday and enthusiastically waiting for the new days of learning and becoming a better person!
Learn from the past, but never regret it because life is not yours to miss!