SeaGames 2011

26th Sea Games 2011 was held in Indonesia. The cities that got the privilege to hold this ASEAN sporting event is Jakarta and Palembang. I'm incredibly proud to witness this rising of Indonesia as one big nation through sports. 

It's not about the achievements of all of our beloved athletes that brought Indonesia to the top this year, and became the overall winner/champion, but the OPENING and the CLOSING CEREMONY of Sea Games 2011. 

First, the Opening Ceremony held last November 11th, gave me chills all night long. I finally felt the glorious moment of Indonesia, the same feeling I felt when I was watching the celebration of 100th Awakening of Indonesia last 2007! I couldn't sleep and stop thinking about it (and thankfully the day after that was Saturday, so no worries~). The opening was spectacular, unforgettable and undeniably Beijing Olympic 2008-esque, but of course, the ceremony brought our amazing culture beautifully and majestically. 



Pandawa: the Chronicles of Bharatayudha

Months of preparation, staying late at school, the effort exerted for this production has finally paid off with pride when everyone clapped their hands for us last Friday, November 4th 2011.  We could not stop feeling showered by glitter of joy. We actually had a permanent smile and a big “I Am Proud to Become a Part of This” marked on our face.




Photo sources: Mr. Erman, Mr. Azur, Annisa Rizky, Neira B