Coincidence on the April Mop, It's No Fool!

Collage of the photo we took when we were in the class,
when we went out together for the first time after we all entered middle school,
and two photos of Timothy, the one whom I just met today.

I was save today. Nobody lied or prank me. I didn't lie either.
Although I was excited for this day to come lol.

But I wanted to cry just because I finally met my elementary friend, Timothy!
The last time I saw him was three years ago in Teras Kota with three others. It was the first several months of being grade 7 in Binus, meanwhile he was in Pelita Harapan. I couldn't tell how much I miss him and my other friends!
I remembered when we shared comic books, played UNO and using each other's cellphones to fill the last few weeks before the last day of elementary!

So here's what happened;
I was waiting for the adobe programs to be installed, then he walked in wearing his white T-shirt and brown trousers, and we once saw a glimpse of each other. Then we were just, "Oh! Hi! Long time no see!"
It was hard to leave him again because I was in a rush. I still had couple of things to do, but gladly I finished it on time. So we only talked for a couple of minute, then exchange phone numbers and farewell.
I'm gonna miss him again.
*motivates myself to be strong* #eeaaaa


We've had amazing time together for averagely almost three years and I long to spend time with them again, especially with Timothy, because I barely had a contact with him since I was in grade 8.

I'm really looking forward to that day when we reunite and just have a fun time together. I had conversation with some of them on Twitter, or through BBM, but that surely doesn't overcome this longing feeling to meet again. THAT'S NOT ENOUGH, OKAY

I knew I would be so excited to wake up tomorrow morning and wait. Carpe diem, right? :)