Season X

Favorite auditions:

  • Amy Yakima (Jazz)

Hands down to this audition that blew all the auditions who were previously on the top of my list (yup it's officially my new #1 audition). Amy Yakima, as a person, is very likeable. She reminds me of Melanie Moore; her joyous smile, humbleness and what they both wore for the audition, Amelia Lowe; for being an early standout and the pale skin, and unique looks. Throughout the series I saw her more resembling Alison Holker whenever she danced, who is known to be the show's greatest female dancer. 

Speaking about the dance though, WHERE DID SHE COME FROM?! She changed her center during the turns, crazy extensions and the emotion! The climax (.."desespoir" moment) was right-on. Many jazz and contemporary dancers throw too many techniques making the dance looks a little too over the top but this audition was the absolute combination of techniques and emotion. This audition, again, reminds me of Melanie Moore's and Amelia Lowe's. Indeed, very memorable. 

  • Caleb Brauner (Contemporary)

I have a faith that a TV show always brings out personality. Thank goodness it's true. This guy named Caleb, in my opinion, is the biggest personality this season. That's my nerd. I hope he'll return next season.

  • Tommy Tibball (Contemporary)

I have an absolute joy watching him. He would've been my favorite male contemporary dancer this season if he hadn't been cut after ballroom round in Vegas and made it through to the Top 20. The feet, though. The feet. I agreed with Nigel that his remind me of Jakob Karr's and Billy Bell's. Please return next season! 

  • Jeremy Rodriguez (Salsa)

Being a brother of a sister who was about to do the biggest audition in her life but something went wrong-- in this case, her salsa partner could not come for the audition, there was nothing else to do but to help. How did he help his sister? He took the position as her sister's new salsa partner and learned the routine only for three hours. Three hours, people. Geez. Cool brother is cool. It's too bad that Jeremy is under age, and his sister did not make it to the Top 20. I am beyond excited to see him and his sister, Katlyn, return next season. 


Here are my favorite routines:

Amy Yakima & Jasmine Mason - Jazz routine by Sonya Tayeh

Top 20 Opening Routine by NappyTabs

Makenzie Dustman & Paul Karmiryan - Jazz by Sean Cheesman

Mariah Spears & Carlos Garland - Contemporary by Stacey Tookey

Amy Yakima & Fik Shun - Hip Hop by NappyTabs

Top 17 - Group Routine by Sonya Tayeh & Christopher Scott (AGAIN!)

Malece Miller & All-star Marko Germar - Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh

Makenzie Dustman & Paul Karmiryan - Hip Hop 

Amy Yakima, Paul Karmiryan, Fik-Shun, Aaron, Alexis, Jasmine and Tucker - Contemporary by Bonnie Story

Makenzie Dustman & Paul Karmiryan - Contemporary by Mandy Moore

Aaron Turner & Jasmine Harper - Hip Hop by NappyTabs

Amy, Makenzie, Malece, Jasmine, Hayley and Jenna (Top 6 Girls) - Contemporary by Stacey Tookey

Paul Karmiryan & Hayley Erbert - Contemporary by Dee Caspary
Officially known as the two of the most physically-beautiful dancers on the show.

Aaron Turner & All-star Melinda Sullivan - Tap

Fik-shun & All-star tWitch - Hip Hop
Naw. "Like tWitch and tWich Jr.!"

Amy Yakima & All-star Robert Roldan - Contemporary by Stacey Tookey

The performances above were actually just 'regular' performances. By regular, I mean, just extraordinary as usual. This season's breakthrough concept was what made season 10 a stand-out. This was something fresh-- no other show in television has done it before. The show brought All-stars back, which already happened since season 7, and the All-stars were the ones choreographing each of their partners. Here are some standout performances from the All-star/Choreographer week (the Top 8 week)

Paul Karmiryan & All-star Comfort - Hip Hop

Jenna Johnson & All-star Mark Kanemura - Pop

But the best of all, the pairings that happened after the planets were aligned:

Amy Yakima & All-star Travis Wall - Contemporary

Not only the best routine of the week, but the best of the season!

P.S. I got a lot of Instagram likes, and a couple of retweets and favorites from this year's SYTYCD dancers (especially from my favorite this year, Amy, Paul and Makenzie) woop woop.