Binus 30th Anniversary Night - February 28th 2011 @ Central Park, Jakarta

We performed our "Anthem"... David Foster's Winter Games, and continued with "Indonesia Pusaka" and "Aim High Proud Binusians" which was composed by Mr. Jay (the ECY-EL Music Teacher) accompanied with the BIS Serpong choir, consists of teachers, ECY-EL-MS-HS students and staffs. 

The orchestra and the choir blew the whole guests and audience away and they gave us standing ovation which made BIS Serpong family proud. 
(We got invited with to a special dinner together on Friday with our principal :D)
Btw, we received an invitation from BCA Bank, to perform live, on,
What an honor, but we only have one week to prepare before Saturday, March 12th 2011. 

I didn't get Rossa and Project Pop's members' signatures because it was already late night and I still had to go to school on the next day (if we got privilege, we would have stayed longer there until the show is over and ask them for signature since we all stayed in the backstage with them....but in different room....)

Photo sources: Pascal~


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