Rachel, Yes / No?

Wait, is that a ring on Lea's hand? 
Yes/No started Glee in 2012 with pure excitement (because Glee's back, people!), as well as a big question mark. The episode has successfully managed to cover up Will's proposal to Emma (yeay Wemma), Mercedes' dilemma over Sam or Shane (Samcedes FTW) and a one or two seconds scene of Blainchel on the pool when Blaine lifted Rachel up during synchronized swimming haha. (yes, a pool. Boobs and arms all the way lmao)

*le dies*
The episode ended with Finn proposing to Rachel, but Rachel hasn't answered him yet. Then Rachel Berry  fans on Twitter started to tweet reasons why #RachelSayNo (but I'm on #RachelSayYes team!)
This is a sign of the declining Finchel fandom *sobs* (not now, please)
But by the way, today, several pics gave me a light to guide me in the dark. 
As you can see in the two pictures above,
A. ring. on. Lea's. hand. And. a. Rachel. Berry. dress. Also. Cory. wears. shirt. which. is. not. Finn's. normal. clothes.

Well, you judge =)

(photo source: leamichelenews)


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