Jak Fair 2010

An Annual event held by Jakarta province government to celebrate the anniversary of Jakarta, the capital city of Republic of Indonesia. This event last for one month, from mid-June until the mid-July each year. The venue is always in Kemayoran, North Jakarta. The main time of this event is actually on June 22nd which is the anniversary day of Jakarta. This year, is Jakarta’s 483th year. There are always exhibitions, music concert, food stands, stores, etc. This is also one way to spend your holiday even just one day or one night.

There’s a lot to see there. I saw a little girl rock-climbing, boys riding on a tandem cycle, Styrofoam-made Borobudur temple miniature, flying fox over a small pool in the night and there’s a full moon, beautiful. And there’s always thing that you need to do during this event, which is eat kerak telor, a traditional Betawi food (Betawi is one of the major tribe in Jakarta). By the way, I actually expect my father to buy me a telephoto lens for my SLR camera, but when I visited their stands, my father said that he knows the store, near his store in Glodok, and he’ll probably buy it for me. Well, I hope that he’ll buy it for me

You know what, I felt a bit annoyed and uneasy that night.
My father really wants to buy me a motorcycle! That’s final. [What!?] [Okay, I’m a bit imitating the style of writing from The Red Pyramid, do you know what I mean, sorry] The reasons my dad wants to buy me a motorcycle are;
1. I need to be able to ride a motorcycle,
2. I can go anywhere I want easily without depending on someone to take or pick you up.

Well, here are my reason why I don’t want to buy it FOR ME [Take note that I mean it as FOR ME]
1. I’m, pretty sure that my younger want it MOORRREEEE than me (I’m not even getting any interested for that, my brother’s world is automotive, motorcycles, cars, he was the one who really excited) so, why don’t you buy it FOR HIM, he will be the one who responsible for his motorcycle. I still can borrow it right? If I borrow it, that means I ride the motorcycle.
2. If my father want to buy something for me, I would ask him to buy other things (You know that I want a Macbook, and yet, I want a cello or oboe, or maybe my dad can use the money for paying fees. Not just that, my mother start to think that she needs to do some sport because of her body condition, but she prefer to do it at home, like treadmill. Why can’t he buy a treadmill for my mom?)

I don’t care whatever my parent or my brother said, but IF my father bought it for me, and then my parent complain that they don’t have enough money for school fees, courses fees, daily needs etc , then we need to minimize our expenses …………… …………. …….. ……. (I hope it won’t be like that) 

{I’m wondering why sometimes or we often can’t get what we want, but other person give us what we don’t really want or need, then we can’t respect or appreciate it}


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