I want an oboe but I gave up for a better reason

I'm confused to choose either Flute or Oboe
There are a lot of things to be considered because
#1 , both are not cheap
#2, the probability to have a good teacher to teach oboe in Indonesia is small because of its popularity (and the price). Have you ever seen a music school that teaches oboe for young kids in Indonesia? Most of the woodwind instruments taught here are either flute or saxophone
(this may sound like I prefer oboe more than flute, the truth is, yes.)
My music teacher knows a friend of him who can teach me oboe (if I'd like to) but he lives in Bandung
or my friend told me that she has an oboe teacher who lives in Jogja but he comes occasionally whenever he can.
NOTE: Having a teacher who doesn't live in Jakarta everyday, is not a good idea.

Sometimes I feel that I have to give up on this and gonna buy and learn it someday in my life, if I am fully ready and  have already achieved what I want (since I've made a mistake for making learning it as a priority in my life few months ago, therefore I decided so)


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