LastFriday, my father attended a seminar, information session actually. About National Exam(or Ujian Akhir Negara, UAN).

Things that I need to consider are :
1. Internal examination is school's number one priority. If we fail on internal examination, we're not be able to go to higher level.
2. Ijazah UAN (National Examination certificate) and Letter of Equivalent (Surat / Ijazah Kesetaraan) are equal. They both can be accepted in any school if ever there's requirement for an Ijasah UAN or Surat Kesetaraan.
3. Fail on UAN exam, we still be able to go to higher level, we will get the LE, as long as WE PASS THE INTERNAL EXAMINATIONS.
4. Fail on Internal Examination, we ARE NOT BE ABLE to go to higher level.
Even if we pass UAN.
5. Internal Examination is REQUIRED, but UAN is an OPTIONAL.

After considering those things,
I decide to take UAN.

1. I need to join a intensive studying on 'Bimbel' program. My school has offered or informed some partners.
But I decide to not join with them. I will find my own place for Bimbel UAN. Why?
The program from the bimbel offered by the school is too strict.
Can you imagine?
We study for UAN until 9 PM, twice a week. Two months before the UAN, we will study everyday, until 9 PM. I CAN'T T.T. I still have to focus on school. I have to pass my school's internal examinations too. So, that's why I decide to find another bimbel. I can manage my time.

And I'm also planning to take Cambridge A Level Examination on grade 12 together with UAN, plus, school's internal examination. Too much for me haha. So let just make this as a practice, no time must be wasted for other useless thing :)
i hope that this will result with a good thing :)


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