Stephen Hawking's book

I saw Stephen Hawking on TT (Twitter) last night, I read the description. And that was quite surprising for me.

He doesn't believe that God create the universe, so some peoples think that he's atheist. He believes that spark, whatsoever create the universe.
Well, religion and science have huge difference, we can't put them together now. There's been always argumentation.
Still remember about 
? Or other scientists?
They were sentenced because of ...... desecration or whatsoever of the religion at that time, but they're actually searching for an answer based on the facts.

So, I think that we should not arguing or else. We'd better find the way to make them in harmony, because religion and science both are gifts, to make us smarter and better even though they both have huge difference.
Or maybe 
science and religion are related to each other, we just haven't realized it.

For me, I just be neutral, grey. Why? I confuse, I can be more into facts and opinions, feelings and instincts.
But, let's all just respect everything.



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