Andrea Bocelli - Live in KL

I lived my sogno last May 5th 2013. I met the love of my life in Kuala Lumpur mwihihi. 
Second chance, does exist!
Dua tahun lalu, di bulan yang sama ketika ga dapet tiket nonton Andrea Bocelli, aura negatif memancar kayak aurat Julia Perez. Obviously I asked "Fucking Why?!" Did I cry? Of course, I was beyond devastated knowing that it could be the only chance. Here are some tweets that reflect how I felt:

Ho ho. This is embarassing. 

Putting the drama aside, as I said before, I made it! It was an Everest that I finally climbed till the top. I went to Kuala Lumpur (for me only, it costs less than the ticket for last year's concert-- supposedly less than 5 million rupiah). I skipped Monday with a permission by the way, which was one of the review day for semester 2 exam. Nobody brought the topic about me skipping school to see Andrea Bocelli in class so I suppose no one knew.

Skip school, checked.
Here are some pics that I took:

Accompanied by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and choir, Andrea Bocelli sang both opera and 'pop-opera' songs. There were several artists joining him, such as a soprano, Sabina Cvilak, guitarists duo, Carisma and female classical quartet, the Div4s. Some of the songs sung before the intermission were from the opera in which he used to perform, a famous Verdi's opera song, and a very old classic Italian opera-- Funiculi Funicula and there were songs, that I frankly never heard of (not a hater, just never heard of, as for the clarification) 

After the intermission, he began to perform his latest cover singles from his newest album, Passione. For your information, Passione compiles love songs from Latin America and Europe. Some of the songs that he performed while playing the piano (ah, I love him) were Love in Portofino, La Vie en Rose and Quizas Quizas Quizas (supposedly a duet with J.Lo. Thank goodness she was not there). You know what it means-- Andrea's singing in different language, again! I got to listen to him singing in not just Italian, but French and Spanish! 

Then towards the end, he performed his famous 1990s songs such as Canto Della Terra (my favorite!), Con Te Partiro (my favorite!), and finally Nessum Dorma (MY FAVORITE!)

Although it was prohibited, I recorded some performances (I must've been really dumb if I didn't) and going to upload it on YouTube. I recorded all the 5 performances mentioned before, but not Nessum Dorma :( I ran out of space in my camera's memory card.

I felt so relieved that I did not have to wait much longer. I did not have to grow old and be rich to see him. I have always imagined that I would watch him next to my partner-- shedding tears just like those people I saw on his "Live in Tuscany" or "Live in Central Park" crying. I just had to be patient and I did wait. All the waiting and the desperation-- it all was paid off. 

It's a dream come true. It's a cliche but it truly was coming true. And I'm so glad that a part of me, right now, is still the same as the 10-year old me. Tonnes of thanks to dad for making it happened! Two of greatest men being around me that night-- nothing, as far as I could think of, beats that. 


By the way, before the day came, I was struck with a bunch of negative feelings. Again. Everyone in my class has shown a very significant progress, then why haven't I? I've learned that it took time for me but how long will it take? What if I really am, in fact, too slow for everything? What if I am meant to get stuck at something and not improving? I kind of feel traumatized over what has happened-- me getting stuck at one level for some reason so many times :| 
But the post-concert sudden realization became very important to me, as I was rejoicing that I'll get to that point that I've been expecting. Because it has happened; remember how much I love musicals that I finally got to see Wicked? or how much I wanted to see Andrea Bocelli and I finally got to see him, just 18 seat rows away? 


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