World Scholar's Cup 2013

Just last May 18th to 19th, I participated in World Scholar's Cup 2013 in Global Jaya Int'l School. As a member of Torchbearers, school's English club, this event was the most awaited one as it became our final goal, to be accomplished at the end of year 11 before we may part our ways being busy as grade 12 students. 

We encountered many students from other schools with *cough* godly-high *cough* sophisticated speaking skills (English). They are educated holistically so they are prone to think outside the box. Yet they are very confident. They are frickin' IB students. Come on.
My team had a breakdown on our first debate round, then I switched roles into 1st speaker then eventually got better-- until we won a debate round (read: I won my First debate round)

What a joy. I never faced any competitive debate before and I had to, for this event-- and I won my first debate round!  

We did only want to participate. In fact, it was not mentioned in our goal that we wanted to win something. However, we exceeded. Six of us, who joined the event, won medals and we are qualified for a global round in Dubai in this upcoming June~

Here are some awards that I earned, individually and as a team:
  • Honorable Mention for Top Teams in Scholar's Bowl 
  • Honorable Mention for Top Individuals in Arts Scholar's Challenge
  • Bronze Medalist in Top Individuals in Current Affairs Scholar's Challenge 
  • Honorable Mention for Top Individuals in Special Area Scholar's Challenge
  • Honorable Mention for Top Teams in Collaborative Writing 
  • Honorable Mention for Top Teams in Scholar's Challenge
  • Bronze Medalist for Top Rookie Teams
  • 9th Place, earning Silver medal, in All-Round Top Teams, qualifying for Global Round in Dubai
My fellow friends won more awards than me. Congrats to them as well!
I would like to thank:
- Mr. JC
- Ms. Mariza and the finance dept of the school
- Fellow Torchbearers who have taught, given advices and good example of how to speak in public
- Mr. Daniel Berdichevsky, Mr. Zac Ellington, Mr. Junhyung, Mr. Gautham and all the WSC team
- Global Jaya Int'l School 
- All the participants from other schools for being so inspiring and awesome

Who cares if I go to Dubai or not. Knowing that I deserve to be in the same room with other scholars from all around the world, is so flattering.

I would definitely recommend this event to even younger students from any schools because this is a very fun event! I mean it. There are no pressures in winning, and the Alpaca-in- Chief, Mr. Daniel Berdichevsky, and the whole WSC team are very friendly and humorous. I am now friends with two of the WSC team, including the awesome Alpaca-in-Chief himself, on Facebook lol

The ones that always made the day: Mr. Daniel Berdichevksy (the Alpaca-in-chief) and  Mr. Zach Ellington 
Mr. Daniel, the Binus Serpong rep, Mr. JC and Lord Quacksomething

The Alpacas. Pwaa.

The medals I earned!


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