9raders had a lot of fun today!

9raders just had their last sabbatical day today!
The actual sabbatical days were supposed to be last week, but since we were having semester 2 exams last week, Ms. Inun decided to use one day of this week as our last sabbatical day.

We finally free from exams after we've been waiting for about four/five months.

Here are some pictures I took during the activities :)

*note: the Black T-shirt = Science stream students, Red T-shirt one = General stream students



Cheering Competition

Whoa whoa, they say students should not make
out in school, what about teacher? lol

(They are actually passing the bread through their mouth haha)

That's a caterpillar

The three sandwiches by Science stream students

The three sandwiches by General stream students


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