Glee season 2 Finale "New York"

This episode is opened by Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" (one of my favorite orchestra pieces) with camera showing us around the "Broadway" atmosphere in New York!
Then ....... (I'll write some lines a
nd I won't post screencaps, so I won't spoil anything to you)

Rachel: "I made it"...

Kurt: "A year and half ago, New Directions were nothing but a group of six misfits....."

Rachel: "Guys, I have news. To celebrate our pending win in nationals, I got 13 tickets to Broadway's longest running show ever, Cats"
Quinn: "You may wanna check the date on those tickets before, because Cats closed eleven years ago"
Rachel: "That guy did seem crazy. He charged my credit card through his butt crack."

Hotel Receptionist to Will Schuester: "Well other teams are separating based on the sexual orientation *Will is surprised after he told the hotel receptionist that he separates males and females*"

Mercedes: "Did you know New York City was built on top of Old York City?"

Tina: "Hold on. Are you singing about a ....cup?"

Lauren: "Can you hear the city is calling you?!"

Patti LuPone (in Sarti Restaurant): "Well, Rachel Berry, promise me one thing. You'll never give up"
*after few lines* Patti LuPone to Rachel: "He (Finn) is cute"

Rachel: "Being in New York is like falling in love over and over again...."

Kurt:"We're going to have a breakfast in Tiffany's"

Kurt: We have to go in... strike that, we have to break in"

Kurt: "If you have to make a choice, you have to visualize both of the options"
Kurt:"Sing. Picture yourself, standing in front of full audience belting out for the final song of the greatest musical of all time"
Rachel:"There's no orchestra"
Kurt:"Make one, in your mind"

Rachel:"Thank you Kurt, I see it now. I don't have to choose between my career, or love, because this, broadway stage in New York, is my true love"

*suddenly I felt so happy after they sang one of my favorite songs from Wicked*

Jesse: "Was that scripted?"

Santana: "Escucha! Soy de Lima Heights Adjacents y yo tengo orgullo!. Sabes lo que pasa en Lima Heights Adjacents? Cosas Malas!"

Kurt: "Whereas I'm spending my summer composing Pip Pip Hooray, the broadway musical about Pippa Middleton."



Let me talk about other things:

They say Lady Gaga is still finding a free time for her to appear on Glee season 3. Only bitch who doesn't think it's gonna be awesome lol.

They already revealed new glee casts members for season 3.
They are on "The Glee Project" (Google it for more information about those amazing talented teens)
fell in love with their voices, especially Damian McGinty's (who is going to be the glee and Irish version of Scotty McCreery if he gets the role on glee) and McKynleigh's (she's unlike the other popular country singers in US, she "tells" us with her amazing voice, that music doesn't know races, any races can enjoy others' music)



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