We Got a Delivery from Keraton!

We got another batik painting
We went to Yogyakarta last holiday (December 2010) and other provinces in Java.
One of the places we visited while in Jogja is Keraton, where we were guided to one of the well-known store for its batik painting on cloth.

We bought one big batik painting there and the seller said that we are going to get a special delivery from the Keraton family as an appreciation and acknowledgement because we literally buy one of their magnificent and beautiful art.

Today, we just received and we felt such an honor to be appreciated because we have helped them to preserve their culture and help the family & the workers to continue their business.

It is unique because the sparks there, is pure gold and batik painting doesn't have pattern. Instead, it has picture which portrays a particular thing such as; wisdom, wealthiness, health, love-life etc. 
What my father bought portrays an authority in a family,
and the batik painting we received portrays wealth or business that doing well.
Somehow, my family quite believe that. 
--my dad's friend who bought that painting (the one which portrays wealth..) got his business better than previous months before he came back from holiday in Jogja with us. haha

Thank you, Keraton family! :)


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