America's Next Top Model All-Star (Cycle 17) Finale

(What does it say?)
Allison Harvard should have won. 
"I Should Have Won!"
What flaw can you judge from her? Every little thing she does, she says, she has is magic and unique. Not to mention that her personality is lovable.
Allison on the final judging panel of the cycle
(OMCat. Notice her dress. I thought it was Kebaya)
Allison's final runway 

Hot dog
Throwing discus with fashion
Mother, father, brother, sister.
1,2,3,4, underwater
(Underwater music video)

Young Michael Jackson
Mixed up with the delicious
 Greek salad
Racing to the Modelland
Allicat in Modelland
CoverGirl cover photo-shoot
Allison on her Cover Girl commercial.
(Her voice sounds beautiful! And look at those beautiful eyes too!) 
Secondly, what the heck was happening? Angelea told people on her Facebook page that she's actually the winner of the cycle and it wasn't supposed to be done according to the contract, so they disqualified her?
*attempts to punch something until it has a hole in it*

That's why there was only the final two (They re-shooted the judging panel all over again, Can you believe that?)

Now let me talk about the other stuff related to this show that makes my judgement for it becomes negative for the first time.

America's Next Top Model 17 was interesting to watch because I got to see Kayla, Allison, Laura and Angelea back on the competition, competing the title America's Next Top Model and to win once-in-a-lifetime prizes.
Kayla is one of my favorite. When she was eliminated, I thought, her photos and her confidence weren't as great as in cycle 15. She has lost some of her spark in creating stunning pictures. Unfortunately, she lacked of a lot of things....
I was incredibly pissed off when Laura was eliminated right before the finale (Top 3)
Before she became the runner up of her cycle,
she did a Hawaiian volcano goddess photo-shoot
and it was amazing. Stunning. Gorgeous.

Lovable *hearts* 
Pot Ledom~ Laura on the set
of her music video.
Laura's second time to be the week's best photo in All-star cycle.
The judges said that Laura is a lovable girl with bubbly personality in person. But what were being reflected on her photo and her appearance on Tyra's "Modelland" fashion motion-editorial movie based on her best-selling novel, were just the other sexy and seductive girl.
(note: before Laura had to eat whipped cream on the video and trying to look unsexy, she posed in bikini on a big bowl of Greek salad, then she poured oil on her face with her eyes open just to make everything work since she was not in her best condition, which could be disadvantageous for her). It seemed that the show intended to eliminate Laura, huh? Same thing happened to Shannon on the same bikini photo-shoot, when she decided to not to do that to stay true to her 'angelic' brand that resulted in her being eliminated. My point is, the show has already known their brands and their limits. Why give them such thing? It will be totally assumed that they've actually set those things up and that's not a fair competition.
*squirting blood to everyone of you people who made the decision about each week's photo-shoot, runway, challenge, etc for making several contestants to be eliminated*

I'm not sure whether I'm gonna watch the upcoming cycle or not, but one thing for sure, it better be good and fair.
By the way, to all Lisa D'amato fans, sorry for talking about how I want other contestants to win this cycle, but hey, peace, she's amazing too (I love her "I'll Be Like Whooaa!" music video lol)
Congratulations to Lisa!


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