Have a Very "Extraordinary Merry Christmas", Semester I~

No more school stuff for one month, yeay!

Semester I is gonna be unforgettable for me, because;
1. I watched "Cantabile 2" by Twilite Orchestra,
2. I performed with my school's orchestra in BynamicFest 2011's concert night,
3. I participated in my school's production, Pandawa, as the part of the orchestra also, and
4. Everything was alright! 
(This probably could not happen again! What a hectic semester!)

But there are also several things that I'm not comfortable to think of....
This semester's exam was a little bit different because we'll have to wait until we come back to school to know the score (or unless some of teachers are physically and mentally ready to be busy during holiday answering those who are curious about their score)
I did pretty well on some subjects this semester, but not the regularly-killed-student's-life subjects such as; Chemistry and Math. 
I got an average of 62 in Chemistry and 69 in Additional Math. In addition to that, all of the other core subjects are not improving *sighs* (My time was mostly used for Pandawa. I went home at 7 and my fingers so uncooperative with me everyday at school because of my violin strings... All of my grades are above 60 but the condition required me to be able to beyond that. Therefore my father and my CA weren't completely wrong for advising me to not join any activity involved with the school's orchestra, so I could have time to prepare for the semester 1 exam. 
(Well, I had to skip one performance on buffet night in Aryaduta Hotel *creys*)
But glad that semester I has just ended and I'm on my way to semester 2! Let's hope that at least my grades are improving so I still can be in the orchestra =)

Regarding the end of semester I, 
this is how I celebrated it:
One Absolute Thing About Me,
G-L-E-E (how to pronounce that? Best TV Shows Ever)
and it's a Christmas episode as well as the last episode of the 2011 Glee! Who doesn't love B&W? Who doesn't love watching smiles everywhere you can see, with addition of enjoyable and nerve-relaxing music? Who doesn't love great humor from people who you admire? :)
Glee's 3x09 "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" got all of them packed nicely with golden strings!  
In this so beautifully-titled glee episode, the main story is about the New Directions kids getting involved in local TV channel's special christmas show. 

The christmas show, as well as the whole episode, was supercool and it reminded me of Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Gene Kelly and the one and only, Julie Andrews. 
(How can't it remind me of Judy and Barbra singing Happy Days Are Here Again-Get Happy? Or a black and white show where Julie Andrews and Gene Kelly singing and dancing tap together? I started to feel that I was born in the wrong era lol) 

Let me list down what's on my mind about everything on this episode:

Ah, Finchel *speechless*
Rory: Poor Rory. He won't celebrate Christmas with his family. But he has found a new one, right? 
(He is such a lucky charm for the show and I couldn't imagine what would Glee be like after his seven-episodes arc on Glee is over. For the worst scenario, what would Glee be like after most of the characters are graduating? It'll be like earth without water *sad*)

New bromance on the show!
Wow, Rory is loved by many.
- Klaine: One of the best Klaine moment on Glee beside the first time they met each other, the kiss, the duet and the bed scene! I had this permanent smile watching them together. 
(It's too bad that they cut one Klaine scene where Blaine gives Kurt a christmas present. 
- Rachel: Well, expecting someone to buy us things is not wrong but not giving them one list and asking them to buy five out of fifteen items lol. Rachel was such a gold in this episode. It changed from raw gold and powder into buyable gold bar. Glad that she and Finn were still a couple after all *hearts* *hugs Rachel's African pig* (oh, Barbra, they've been really too sweet together so people couldn't handle it, haven't they?)

- My Favorite Things: Pure diamond. My mouth was searching for something delicious. My eyes were searching for the same thing. My ears couldn't stop being tickled because of the sweetness of the memory that won't come twice. I miss my childhood. The Sound of Music first touched me when I was seven. Ever since that time, everything started and so did my love for one of the songs, "My Favorite Things". Glee finally covered this song (ah, one dream just came true), sung by Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer and Darren Criss. Lea sounds amazing in this song and she blew me away again with this song after the first time I heard her singing it).
- One more emotional and inspirational song in the season, "Do They Know It's Christmas?" 
Aside from how amazing the togetherness of New Directions kids this time is, this song really taught people a lot about being human. 
People who have problems will normally be negative about themselves and everything around them. This song would remind those people about how small your problems actually are compared to those who live with  hunger, uncured illness, abuses, and many other unwanted things, everyday. Yes, life is unfair. I also think that way sometimes. But I learned that I'm not the only one who have problems, I still can do things to solve it no matter what. Do those people in Africa know how to solve their never-ending problems regarding life or dead matter? Even if they know, are they strong enough or gonna be heard by those people who are unfairly living above them? :)
That's why I cried when the first time I heard this song. 
Hope people who read this will feel the same way too. Music brings changes, right? 

Speaking of being human (that doesn't sound right lol), Chris recently did his give-away for a charity organization, titled "Doodle for Charity" and these are what he doodled. (They are now on eBay)

This might not be related to this posting, but I gotta share what I found on Tumblr, which are epic.

What happened? Lol
"Blaine and Rachel are the brunette Sharpay and Ryan Evans."
By the way, look at Lea's left hand.
What's inside the cat's innocent brain: "I wish........" X'D trololol
Have A Great Holiday!
Big hug for everyone!
*virtual hugs*


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