Hold On To Sixteen, We Are Young

Glee has been airing for around 50 episodes and has done more than 100 numbers with many of them were on the top of the music chart. And it keeps bringing different and yet exciting story about all of the amazing characters (also the casts), together with the beautiful message.

This week's episode, was one of the most memorable episodes. It's not only just about Sectionals or New Directions' third time winning the sectionals, but it's about the very last part of this episode. 
Sam Evans (holding guitar) returns to McKinley
and Rory (yellow shirt) showing off his Irish adorkableness.
I was excited when I read the songlist of the episode. I was like, "I know that this song will be all about fun and reminiscing New Directions' members incredible journey", and it was true!

Well, after the Sectionals, Quinn, who has finally turned into the very very nice girl, came into the ladies toilet and talked to Mercedes, Santana and Brittany. Quinn talked about what she believes is true; when they're 27, or 87, what will they remember about high school? Why waste a chance to have great time with people who love you and people you love.
((That is the second time both Dianna Agron and her character, Quinn, said such beautiful words. Love you, D! And note that Mercedes, Santana and Brittany quitted New Directions and joined Troubletones, the rival to New Directions, because they felt being treated unfair etc)
*I almost cried on this scene*
Then Rachel started the song beautifully and continued by her man, Finn, and Ken-Barbie couple (Sam and Quinn lol). All of sudden, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and Sugar Motta (that note-deaf girl teehee) came into the auditorium and sang along with them. 
So the reunion continued.....

We Are Young
Give me a second I 
I need to get my story straight 
My friends are in the bathroom 
Getting higher than the Empire State 

My lover she's waiting for me 
Just across the bar 
My seats been taken by some sunglasses 
Asking 'bout a scar 

And I know I gave it to you months ago 
I know you're trying to forget 
But between the drinks and subtle things 
The holes in my apologies 
You know I'm trying hard to take it back 

So if by the time the bar closes and you feel like falling down 
I'll carry you home 

Tonight, we are young 
So let's set the world on fire 
We can burn brighter than the sun 

html ] 
Now I know that I'm not 
All that you got 
I guess that I 
I just thought maybe we could find new ways to fall apart but our friends are back 
So let's raise a cup 
Cause I found someone to carry me home 

We are young 
So let's the set the world on fire 
We can burn brighter 
Than the sun 

Carry me home tonight 
Just carry me home tonight 
Carry me home tonight 
Just carry me home tonight 

The world is on my side, I have no reason to run 
So will someone come and carry me home tonight 
The angels never arrived but I can hear the choir 
So will someone come and carry me home 

We are young 
So let's set the world on fire 
We can burn brighter 
Than the sun

So if by the time the bar closes 
And you feel like falling down 
I'll carry you home tonight ....

The very very big group hug that made me burst out into tears

There lots of group numbers that I love and I'd kill to hear them singing those songs in front of me.  
(I couldn't make a list of that. It'll kill me if I have to sort those songs off from the one that I love the most, second, the third and so on)
I also cried for several times, especially on this number. *sits on the corner* (if ever somebody says boys don't cry, well he/she will never understand people completely, simply said, mentally blinded). 

"We Are Young" brought me back to "Don't Stop Believing"

"Don't Stop Believing" is a song that is really glee. It already describes the show itself, to never give up upon your dreams and yourselves. And season 3 got "We Are Young", which is just all about the continuance of the incredible journey. A journey that is full of struggle to reach the top, big dreams, dramas, love, devastating moment and most importantly, the joy of being whoever they are and their true identity as a music-being in a glee club. 

I have it all in my life. And in several times in my life, Glee helped me through those tough times. 
Thank you very much. #gr8ful

Last but not least, 
Sam once quoted lines from a famous song in this episode;

"Hold On to Sixteen, As Long As You Can"


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