Singapore 2011

“No traffic congestion at all!”, “Clean places!”, “Good transportation system!” and even “I would like to live in Singapore forever!” are some common statements about Singapore, the very incredible country to live. Everything seems to be helpful and flawless there, huh? 
Arrived at an international airport for the very first time.
Changi International Airport is one of the finest airports in the world. Everything is fine except for the service. I’ve been in Singapore before but I didn’t go there by plane, so it was my first time to be in Changi. It turned out to be a disappointment as well as a bad impression in the lion city. The airport officers really good in whatever they are doing, but not in being friendly and giving a good impression to the passengers. I barely saw their smile. I once tried to take a stranger’s trolley out of the conveyor belt (since there were really busy taking care of their belongings) and the officer just pushed it towards me so I almost dropped the trolley because he was seemed to be handless, unfriendly and really pissed off. (Apparently, the only thing he did at the moment was shouting “the trolley, please!” or mentioning other things on the conveyor belt. Seriously? Qualifications for a job mean nothing without good attitude)
Recommendation: Learn from people who’ve been to Singapore and Changi airport for several times. Study the rules and regulations, also the procedure in everything. So you won’t be bothered to ask questions to the officers, you’ll be faster in every procedure and you won’t have to bring out the unfriendliness of the officers.

Is Singapore really a fine city?
I worried about the life of the elder people there. Many of them are working as cleaning service in every mall I visited, even in the airport. Is it because they want to earn money as their children do that too? Or is it because many of them are no longer being taken care of by their children anymore? If the government has provided treatment of the elder people, then why are there so many of them working?
In addition to that, there were several stores that sell sex-related things. It was sort of unusual to see those stores because I think they are not supposed to be easily seen by public, which also consists of under-age children. I would understand if laws and their culture allow them to do that. But considering the locations, as well as how explicit the store actually is, I consider that as a minus point for this country. (How can it be fine when the sellers put big photos of sexy females wearing lingerie, a big smoking-red  “Sex Shop” written on the top of the store, even a big “I *heart* Sex”) I would suggest them to locate themselves in a specific area that is not intended for tourists and open at late night.
Recommendation: As much as possible, avoid passing Grand Central Hotel* and Concorde Hotel unless everyone in your group (family, friends) is fine with those things. Also be aware of several kiosks in Bugis Street (well, you can easily notice those stores) there are many other ways/paths to avoid them.
*I stayed at Grand Central Hotel, right behind Concorde Hotel. I had to pass those stores every time I went out and returned to the hotel.

By enumerating those two things, I hope you all don’t get me wrong. In fact, I only could think of two weak points when there are hundreds of strong points. The strong points are way more than the weak point.

China Town is like the cleaner version of Mangga Dua!
China Town wasn’t really like what I expected but I did have a great time there. The prices were relatively expensive for me, but they were actually reasonable if you compare them with the prices of the same product in mall in Singapore. We reached there by MRT, then we bought several things such as decoration for Chinese New Year, clothes etc. Thankfully, we went there at around 5 pm, so the market was seemed to be more alive. There were beautiful lanterns that sort of shone our way in the market.
Recommendation: Visit Sri Mariamman Temple as well! It’s close to the China Town and you’ll see another face of Singapore and its diversity. But don’t forget to respect people who are praying inside by not making noises and not using too much camera’s flash/blitz.

Orchard Road is the not-so crowded version of Harajuku Street and Wall Street!
Walking on the famous Orchard Road felt so intense. People was literally everywhere on the pavement. Some were hurrying, some were checking things inside the store and some were struggling to survive in the crowd (e.g. me) I couldn’t imagine what would my human form be if I were on Harajuku Street in Tokyo or Wall Street in New York, where the intensity of human walking there is insanely high.

Enjoying the greener area of Singapore
Aside from the Singapore Zoo and Singapore Botanic Garden, there’s another place where people can enjoy grass and trees everywhere while walking and breathe~

Learn how Singaporeans make Singapore as one of the world’s leading country in almost every aspect.
When you combine high technology, pride as Singaporeans and creativity of people of Singapore, you get Singapore Discovery Center. 
The visitors are given paper where they will put a stamp as indicators that they've done several activities or have been to a particular spot. They must complete all of them before they exit. For children, there are rewards (which I was luckily able to get). I think it's a good strategy. I had a great time looking for the stamps, you know. We barely saw a dirt there because everywhere was dark. And, I didn't think that I missed a single attraction/activity/spot.
I thought it was an indoor playground or something because the tech was so cool. Until I saw a lot of arenas/machines that teach the visitors about Singapore's history, power and the 'it' factor as one of the world's leading countries. I was like; "Holy. Niat banget bikin museum sejarah....". Because the museums here are seemed to be passive, so the children are believed to be the one who have to visit them instead of the museums attracting them *sighs*

Wicked was BEYOND WHAT MY LIFE COULD TAKE! :'''''''''''D
Singing has been always my favorite thing to do and I wish I still could sing the way I used to. 
I've been waiting to watch a Broadway musical since grade 7 when the I was introduced to the new world of singing and performing; Broadway. I'm not a new fan of combination of music, singing, acting and dance. The Sound of Music caught my heart when I was 8 years old, which was the golden age of me as a child. Then my love and passion continued to grow until now. The only difference is I can no longer pour my passion into a voice anymore (I was so devastated, I couldn't just let it go)

Wicked is an impossible dream that actually came true if I think of it in another way. I could explode and burst out into bubbles that will only last as long as applauses are keep on echoing. I want to be there, someday.
Wicked also expresses what I'm currently facing. Intention to defy gravity and fly. Looking for somewhere to belong. Struggling to believe in myself. A need for someone to lean on, not only to talk. 
I was incredibly grateful for the experience right before my 16th birthday. 
Everyone deserves a chance to fly

I am officially 16 going on 17! Celebrated my birthday visiting Marina Bay Sands again and Universal Studios in Sentosa Island!
Best birthday ever? Um, actually the second best :D
(The best one was the road trip to Pangandaran-Jogja-Lembang last year haha).
But, whatever, I had a blast with my fam~~~ 

Oh rain, thou art a heartless beyotch.

The highlight of the day: leafy sea dragon!!!! 

"He who cannot see, but keep positively thinking about the world on his own,
will be granted an eternal light that will never fade in his life. "
May he always be happy as he and everybody who passes him wish to be.


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