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It's the Winter finale that I've been waiting for and avoiding from. Yes, there would be another plot twist and amazing performances but there would be also this guilty feeling since it is the last episode before another hiatus (Yes, there'll be seven weeks without Glee) *sobs*

This episode has so much drama going on. A little bit too far for a comedy-musical, but I still love it! No wonder if this episode is either in the Top Episode of 2012 or Glee itself will get nominated for favorite TV drama series. This is just another episode where we are all being taught and inspired by. I love this episode because this episode brings up teen bullying, teen suicide, texting while driving and marriage at young age issues. We really have to learn from it and we shall care and be aware of it. 
  • Sebastian did it again. Ugh.
In the beginning of the episode, Sebastian blackmailed Rachel to drop out from the competition or else he will upload a photoshopped photo of Finn Hudson's face with someone else's naked photo in the locker room (ew). Sebastian is so, ugh. Finn was definitely so mad knowing that it would embarrass him. But then Sebastian deleted all the photos because he regretted and was upset because he always think of so many things as a joke, including what he said to Karofsky, which is "stay in your closet". He was in tears btw :'c

  • "The pressure to protect your reputation is so much worse than when we were kids."

Dave Karofsky appeared and was one of the main plot in the episode. As we all know, Karofsky never wanted to come out of the closet, unlike Kurt or Santana. He buried everything deep down thousands feet under. But until a dog with the best smelling sense came and found what he had buried. Several kids (one of them saw Karofsky and Kurt at Breadstix on the Val's day) in Karofsky's new school wrote "Fag" on his locker, wrote bad stuff on Karofsky's Facebook wall and the worst thing they did, was texting everyone in the school that Karofsky's gay. That's just so horrible and inhumane (u_u)t

It brought me back to an emotional episode in season 2 where Kurt's father was in comma (2x03). We always need to go somewhere brighter than we were. I agreed with Quinn who said that how worse and awful life is, never take your own life. 
Gladfully, Karofsky's attempt to suicide failed. He survived and after his conversation with Kurt at the hospital, he got enlightened and decided to move forward and screw everyone who didn't like it. 

The scene where Dave Karofsky sobbed in his bedroom and then attempted to suicide was going along with Blaine (Darren) singing "Cough Syrup". I love the song, I love it when he sang it, it sort of pulled me with a string and I couldn't resist that. So beautiful. Love it. 

Waiting for this cough syrup to come down.
Kurt: "I'm not gonna lie to you. It isn't going to be easy and there will be some days when life just sucks, but you're gonna get through this, because I'm gonna help you and so is everyone else who loves you and accepts you for who you are. And if they can't accept that then screw them, right?"
  • Rory tasted his first peanut butter! 

First of all, Rory (Damian) always has the charm, y'know. No matter how lucky (to live with Brittany or get Sugar) or unlucky (when he got pushed all the time or when he got attacked by dodge balls) he is. I said the same thing as Rory when I tasted my first peanut butter when I was in elementary lol. It was seriously the best I've ever tasted. But then I wasn't allowed to eat the whole pack, so I ate it with several slices of bread. 
Mr. Schue was the one who asked Rory to eat the peanut butter when all of the kids were sitting, making a big circle on the stage. Mr. Schue wanted everyone to promise him, that no matter how depressed they get, no matter how hopeless or alone they feel, always try to imagine and remember all the amazing experiences they've had.  Mr. Schue also told them about his experience on the edge of everything when he was in junior high school for being caught cheating and embarrassed. That was just shocking to me.
What I love about the idea is, that Mr. Schue asked all the kids about something that they're really looking forward to in the future. That was so moving and it made me think about myself. I was in turmoils before, and I was always glad that I wasn't too overwhelmed with the burdens. 

  1. Sam: "Someday, I want to earn enough money to buy my folks a new house so they don't ever have to through losing their home again."
  2. Mercedes: "I'm most looking forward to meeting Rachel Berry's children."
  3. Artie: "I want to be there to see my kids' first steps."
  4. Sugar: "I want to be there to see Sex and the City part 3"
  5. Puck: "I really do want to graduate high school."
  6. Finn: "I'm gonna petition the army to change my dad's dishonorable discharge status to an honorable one."
  7. Quinn: "I'm looking forward to graduating from Yale at the top of my class."
  8. Santana: "I'm looking forward to the day when my grandmother loves me again."
  9. Brittany: "I want Lord Tubbington to kick his ecstasy addiction."
  10. Blaine: "I'm looking forward to marriage equality in all 50 states."
  11. Mike: "I'm looking forward to the first time I dance at Carnegie Hall."
  12. Tina: "I just want a song."
  13. Kurt: "I'm looking forward to my dad watching my dad make a difference in congress."
  14. Rachel: "I'm looking forward to being friends with all of you for the rest of my life."
  15. Rory: "..winning at Regionals" (hell yes!)

Look at the picture above carefully. You'll see that girl in red, rubbing that
boy in yellow and black trousers.
Who are they? :')

  • Regionals

- The Warbler opened the Regionals and they gave me chills especially after Sebastian (Grant) finished the first stanza of The Wanted's "Glad You Came" then the other Warblers started the upbeat part. The last time I got chills like that, was when Blaine (Darren) sang "Somewhere Only We Know" with the Warblers. Great job, Grant! 

- We've seen other glee clubs from other schools aside from New Directions and the Warblers that compete in the show choir competitions this season. We've seen the Unitards, then on the Regionals, we saw Golden Goblets! That (Golden Goblets) choir perfectly suited for my interest in choir aside from glee club, because that was the similar type of choir that I've joined with for five years! Haha. It was great to see the more traditional choir, it brought back so many memories :')

- This time, the New Directions performed three songs and they were all so amazing. And those performances suited with the theme of this year's Regionals; Inspiration. Can't tell how proud I was. The first song they performed was a mash-up of Nicki Minaj's "Fly" and R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly". Santana (Naya) and Blaine (Darren) rapped, WOOT! I was super thrilled! 

Then the Troubletones (as the member of New Directions) performed Kelly Clarkson's current hit, "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)". I'm a big fan of Kelly Clarkson and I love the song as well. As usual, they were amazing and love the all girls power. I was so moved by the song so everytime I hear it, my feet start to make a little tip-tap voice! 

Rachel (Lea) killed it again! It was beautiful. The song, the boys who were in the balcony, then Rachel looked at Finn and he looked back at her. It was all beautiful! I felt so warm like somebody was actually hugging me from the back just to remind me that after everything, a sheer pure happiness will stay with us forever, so let's celebrate the moment before somebody takes it. I'm just being repeatedly polished before I'm prepared for that moment :)
[Lea never fails to make me so overwhelmed with happiness! My body can no longer contain the feeling so I grunted as loud as possible while covering my face with my pillow! She gave me chills especially when she did that amazing modulation. That was probably one of the best that Glee has ever had. Love you, Lea :') I was as proud as Rachel's dads.]


  • Before the wedding 

Rachel said she wants to get married right after Regionals (and of course, Finn was so excited). So after all they've been through, they are almost there. Rachel and Finn looked so lovely together. Beautiful and handsome. Perfect together. The sky to its Earth. I couldn't contain the feeling of how happy I am :')
But the Finn's parents and Rachel's dads disagreed and planned to stop them from getting hitched at such young age because they thought they aren't ready for such big commitment. In addition, Rachel is pursuing her dreams while Finn is sort of unsure although he has several plans for his future. Then they weren't married at the end of the episode. Well, yes, another cliffhanger.   
Mr. and Ms. Hudson-Berry
  • Sue is pregnant!
Sue wants to have a child (as a single parent, through an artificial insemination) but we haven't known about who is the father. It could be Mr. Schuester, since Sue asked him to be because Sue wants her child to be strong, persistent but also have the good quality she eventually found on Mr. Schue. 
Sue asked Quinn for some advices and she later confessed how much she admires Quinn as a strong woman. So she decided to give Quinn a chance to join the cheerio again after she refused to give it. Nice, Sue. I wish nothing but the best for you and your baby :)
  • Quinn was going to the chapel and ....

Quinn asked Rachel whether she still can be her bridesmaids or not and Rachel agreed that Quinn should be, after everything they've been through. Right before the wedding, Quinn hasn't arrived and Rachel worried about her. Everything was in a rush. Finn came to Rachel's room and said the wedding is about to start in few minutes. So Rachel texted Quinn asking where is she, then Quinn got the text, she read and replied "On my way" and bang, everything went dark. Quinn's car got crashed by truck from the left in an intersection because she didn't watch what's ahead. We didn't know what happen to Quinn because that was the very last scene in the episode. Yes, it is another cliffhanger :'(
I was worrying until photos Quinn (Dianna) and Artie (Kevin) on set on wheelchairs. Let's hope that Quinn will be able to walk again, she's in the cheerio again and she's pursuing her dreams to be at the top of her class at Yale University. But, if you compare what happened to Artie with what happened to Quinn, it seems almost impossible to make it. *fingers crossed for Quinn to be able to walk again* *big prayer circle is needed*
By the way, the "Chapel of Love" now officially will freak a gleek out. It was the song played before Quinn got crashed by that car accident.
Lookin' good!

Oh, hello there, seven-weeks of hiatus. I would be so glad if the last day of it came early. 

I would like also to tell you: 
It's been a year since we first saw Blaine kissed Rachel during a bottle game at Rachel's house. They were drunk and so did everyone (except Finn and Kurt). I watched 3x14 "Blame It on the Alcohol" again and phew, I survived the sacred kissing scene for us, Blainchel shippers. I tweeted Blainchel moments on Glee in the morning, and here's all the photos of those moments :')

(coming up soon)


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