Phantom of the Opera (Ivan Jacobs'.... ngek)

The day I'd been waiting for has finally arrived. But apparently, it wasn't completely "that" day. 
If you look carefully at the pic above, you'll see a pamphlet of the show and you'll be able to see one name. That name is the one who composed all the musics; Ivan Jacobs.
What's the word that comes to your mind when you hear a word "Phantom of the Opera"? I will think of Sarah Brightman, the Phantom's mask, Paris, probably the movie in 2004 and definitely, the creator and composer himself, the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber. I really admire Andrew Lloyd Webber for his amazing works. I've seen Cats' 10th Anniversary (on my laptop), Phantom of the Opera movie in 2004 and I have also listened to his amazing music from Phantom, Cats and few songs from Evita. I want to be like him someday if I really were supposed to take that path. So it was such a huge disappointment when I thought I was almost to see his work just several minutes before the show. I was also upset about letting a half a million rupiah. Because if I had known about it earlier before I decided to buy the ticket, I would have bought ticket Il Divo's second concert in Jakarta (which I unfortunately missed several years ago, when they performed in Ritz-Carlton)

The main plot was the same, but not the entire thing. Christine met her Angel of Music, Raoul got mad, Phantom went crazy if Christine didn't sing and come visit him, Christine was about to marry Phantom in his chamber, then Raoul came to rescue but he got trapped in a cage, then Phantom got mad and crazier than ever. There's the diva talking in different accent too. But there were two funny characters and I had great time watching them more than any other characters. Despite the similarity in the plot, the music wasn't that beautiful as I expected right after I knew that it wasn't Webber's. I barely remember one :( 

But hey, I shared this experience with three great people, who are currently my classmate and one was my classmate. It is my first time to a show like that together with friends so I couldn't ask for a better one. Thank you for the ride and thank you so much for accompanying the great night! I won't forget what we shared during our way back and forth from the theater haha. 


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