Lady Gaga's performance in Singapore (July 7th 2011 @ Marina Bay Sands) /via @gagaindonesia

These past few weeks have been filled with Lady Gaga. 
Lady Gaga is in ASIA.
She was in Japan for MTV Music Aid Japan and for other works, and 
you all know Lady Gaga's  Day in Taiwan last July 3rd, right? It was historical and the moment when she was on a stage, watched by nearly 40,000 people in the city was like monumental and glorious. 
This time, Singapore experienced it 

and ........................
July 6th was a historical day for all monsters around the globe especially Indonesian monsters.
She tweeted herself that there'll be a world tour, and she'll be coming to Indonesia next year for the new tour; BORNTHISWAYBALL (or simply BTWBall) which is her second/third *unsure* tour in her career .
I want to highlight this; SHE CAPS LOCK-ED INDONESIA
Btw, @gagaindonesia 's admin is one lucky people (specifically, little monster). He toured around the Marina Bay Sands and met some of Gaga's band members and her dancers, like Mark Kanemura (I freaked out when I saw his photo w/ Mark; one of my favorite SYTYCD dancers)
Every little monsters in Indonesia is appreciating their hard work for these past few years.
BORNTHISWAYINDO was Trending worldwide because of their work and all of Indonesian monsters.
Maybe Gaga saw our hardwork and she decided to visit us soon. so Congratulations, GagaIndonesia (and also to Karina, Dewantara, Ben, and many because they deserve it) :)

I was so super duper excited for this, until yesterday, I decided to not making it as a focus in my life for the next six months. (which means, I don't know yet whether I am coming or not. I wish I can, but there are things that have to be sacrificed for a better reason)
[I've struggled a lot to not being jealous or envy people too much, I've had enough of being disappointed again and again just because I don't get something that I've been dying for a long time. In this case; Oboe, Andrea Bocelli, etc...
(You can judge me that I'm ungrateful, but I'm just expecting more in my life)
...and another reason is, I don't know how much the ticket prices are going to be (according to some sources, the MonsterBall tour which was the previous one, it's around $150-$300. but hey, it's a world tour. I'm not sure if it's going to be affordable by me or even if the ticket is affordable, I may not get the ticket due to the number of little monsters in Indonesia which is crazy and I'll be left behind, and again..... disappointed with the reality. I just don't want to burden myself again. And despite, I'll learn again how to let something go)
I really consider every aspects in my life including my future. It's not the first time I have to let go something.
I've given up on my effort & work to buy and learn oboe because I eventually thought that maybe it's just not for me and it's not the right time for me to being selfish. and that's just one thing from many.]
I love her, whatever happens won't affect my love to her and other people who I love in this world :) 


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