<- This was David Foster's Hit Man: David Foster & friends concert poster last October 2010 which I couldn't watch because the tickets were too expensive and I had no time to save my money because I just found out about the concert three weeks before the concert.
Now, I still have a chance.
He is returning to Jakarta and he'll bring Charice, Michael Bolton etc..
The concert is going to be on October 28th.
And yesterday, I checked the ticket box's website and the tickets price are:
- Tribun I = 900,000
- Tribun II = 1,500,000
- Silver = 2,500,000
- Gold = 4,000,000
- Platinum = 6,000,000

I was paralyzed  (not literally), I couldn't think about anything.
After few minutes, I was actually glad that the tickets are cheaper than last year's but still, I don't have any idea how to get the money before the concert day, or even before the tickets sold out.
I wish I were rich, okay.
but after re-considering,
I decided to let everything flows, and give it up which means, (the same reason like I decided to not watch Lady Gaga's BTWBall in Indonesia) I'm not making it as a focus for the next few months because I'm already in school.
And also like when I couldn't watch Andrea Bocelli's concert because the silver tickets were sold out, there's still a chance. It's not his first time here, so maybe next year, he'll come again when I have the money for something that I love and also for my future :)
I love David Foster, whatever happens never affects my admiration towards him.


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