MOS Berakhir?

MOS Berakhir? 
Bisa iya, bisa enggak.
Thursday and Friday were hectic days. We moved a lot and plus addition of the hot weather with almost no wind.
I actually hoped that I am going to enjoyed the student orientation or MOS. but apparently, it didn't meet my expectation.
Malah nametag gua ancur agar2 lem-nya belum kering waktu proses laminating, jadinya lemnya kemana-mana dan foto gua di nametag super memalukan bagi hidup gua.
Kalau sampai gua bilang MOSnya seru, menyenangkan, mungkin gua udah gak bernyawa.

For people who've known their seniors for more than a year, it feels awkward and a bit annoying to see them commanding us, yelling at us etc. I was like: "Oh, gosh, is that even you? I haven't seen you like this in school...." or something like that.
I'm just saying what I felt.
I used to be excited for MOS, but now, I hate it. It wasn't really fun at all. It's a completely waste of time. If the aim is to bond us together or to know the school, the seniors or the teachers well, maybe MOS is not the right thing to do. 
Apparently, there are actually people who have the same thoughts as me. It's just the system is not too effective or even useless.

(That means I am talking about the MOS in general in Indonesia, okay, not just in our school. But hey, all the seniors were doing a great job, they weren't too hard to us so, no hard feelings for them for sure, but well, I hated one senior actually because she didn't even respect us haha. but overall, it's just okay. What I don't like is the MOS....)

I hope next week, we'll be completely learn on class instead of moving around for MOS.
Thank God, I went to an International school....


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