So You Think You Can Dance TOP 12 (It's almost Top 10!!)

First, surely, I'm going to talk about my favorite couples; Jordan-Tadd and Melanie-Marko

Jordan & Tadd = - This week, Travis Wall finally choreographed Jordan & Tadd (and they finally got contemporary after African Jazz, two Waltz and one hip-hop routine)
I'm telling you, this piece is very dark (and Travis will always be one of the best dancers & choreographers in the world. BRAVO, TRAVIS. This is so far his second best routine in season 8  after Melanie & Marko's Statue Routine)
- And they got Broadway! AND THE SONG IS "OUT TONIGHT" FROM RENT! 
I pretty enjoyed the kiss lol
(and I could see that Tadd also enjoyed the kiss and the dance haha!)
Well, this routine, according to the judges was just okay :(
Oh, please, America, keep them away (and also Marko-Melanie) from bottom 3.

Melanie & Marko = - Yeay, yeay, YEAY! What a sexy tango. 
Melanie & Marko did impress the judges again! They've managed to do every challenges given and they always did amazing job!
They are truly couple to beat and the beasts.
and the manuver& lift on the floor was SPECTACULAR even it only lasted for few seconds.
and thank you for the brief 'lecture' about different kinds of Tango, Ms. Mary Murphy! 
(I think Jordan has a rival in terms of legs flexibility and sexiness, her rival is.... Melanie lol
and I think Tadd has a rival too as a newbie ballroom dancer, his rival is.... Marko haha.
I love those couple)
Sonya's comment: "Everytime I watch you dance, ohh, I just lose my breath..." <- so true
She also said she was shivering and both Melanie & Marko are timeless dancers

(This routine made me wondering, why are male ballroom dancers' hair is styled like that and have to look wet?)

- I hoped they were going to be choreographed by Travis Wall again after I found out that Travis choreographed Jordan & Tadd. And I'm definitely agree with all of the judges especially Jesse who describes this beautiful as "The Moth Dance" because they were dancing with a light bulb even though they were not moths in this piece, they were siblings. They were trying to "grab" a "hope" (and the light bulb was the personification of it) 
I love the song btw, the song was "Skins and Bones". It has a deep meaning and it touched my heart.
And again, why are Melanie & Marko so amazing so I could imagine how's the life on their pieces and so happy I could jump from a tower and land on the ground smiling. 
They are no doubt one of the best contemporary dancers & partners in this season (or perhaps of all SYTYCD history), I'm 1000% they are indeed fantastic dancers. Like what Nigel said, "there's something magical about a pair of you (Melanie & Marko)" =)


They were magnificent this week, and I'm pretty sure that their last moment as partners was precious and amazing.  I hope I'll see them dance in partner again and I hope (and I am sure) that they'll be doing amazing job and make more unforgettable routines again with the all-star dancers....(but I think I'm also excited to see more of their personalities and individual performances + quality + versatility. I will always support four of them anyway,

Now, let's talk about the other couples..
Sasha & Alexander = - The first 7 second routine (which was paso doble & broadway), Sasha was definitely much stronger than Alexander and it's always been like that throughout the show in my opinion....

Ryan & Ricky =  - One thing that I'm not happy about is Spencer Liff's Broadway routine for Ryan & Ricky, has the same story as Tyce's Broadway routine for Lauren & all star dancer, Neil last season. (remember Lauren's wardrobe malfunction? lol)
One guy fantasized about a Hollywood actress then she seduced him and so on...
It is so unfortunate for me. Spencer is an amazing Broadway dancer and choreographer at the same time.
And apparently, Ryan & Ricky didn't 'execute' the routine well unlike when they amazingly did the Jazz routine last week.....
- The cha-cha routine was almost boring for me (sorry)
The only thing that made me watch is their foot moves which were incredible and I haven't seen a cha-cha like that.

Caitlyn & Mitchell = - They did the hip hop routine great, but it's not the best the show has ever seen. And I didn't get the story if the choreographer didn't tell the audience what's the story. I was expecting them to be as great as when they did "To Love You More" contemporary routine (last week...?).....
- The second routine, which was contemporary by the extraordinary Travis Wall, was great.
With the Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart", I instantly thought that Caitlyn was the dancing version of Janis Joplin as she was intended to be and dressed like an angry 80s girl rocker despite of the footwear with fishnet stocking part which made her look a bit like a stripper...instead of rocker.
but.... I wish Travis choreographed Melanie & Marko again....
Actually, I kind of think that Travis Wall's routine which was supposed to be amazing, didn't work out for Caitlyn & Mitchell. They're not the right person or the right tools to carve Travis' wood.

Clarice & Jess = - People have to admit that the best lyrical hip hop routine so far on this season is Melanie & Marko's "Best Friends" routine by NappyTabs. I just wish I could see more "light" from this routine, but despite, they have brought "smile" to people who have insecurity issues in my opinion.I was expecting more from them.....
- The second routine which was Jive, it was fun! Haha. That's what I only can say for both of them haha.

By the way, I'm happy to see Sonya Tayeh in the judges panel! She is amazing too! True artist and inspiration! haha
The show has to invite artistic judges like Sonya Tayeh or Mia Michaels because it gives us more & wider perception 
because people like her are few people who can describe things not generally but artistically and give us more imagination & vision of what's happening. Their heart, mind and mouth are connected so they are honest about themselves, that's what makes people like Sonya a true artist. 
If Cat did allowed Sonya to swear, it'll be one of the coolest thing I've ever watched lol
(I hope Lady Gaga will be the judge too as she was planned to be on the show. She'll be amazing)

Comment of the Night: "Message received, loud and clear"-- Jesse Tyler Fergusson.

Tomorrow, is going to be the celebration of the journey in Top 20 and a fresh start in the Top 10 with the All-star dancers to win the competition.
I hope Marko, Melanie, Tadd & Jordan will be in the top 10 as will go far, very far! 


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