Level Camp 2011

A small pine forest and edited using photoshop to give
HDR effect.

Butterfly 1

Butterfly 2

The girls are practicing Saman dance for the class performance

Jason & Jio are practicing their dialogues for the class'  drama performance
about the 2004 Aceh tsunami disaster
We are transferring the flour backward without facing each other
(The photo was taken by the facilitator)
Making a decision about what would the whole class be;
a hunter, a tiger or a ghost.
(The photo was taken by the facilitator)
(The photo was taken by the facilitator)

I still don't know how did Mr. Alex reach there

Our class probably won the performance competition
since our class was called first to join the rafting.
Too bad I couldn't join the rafting because I had to avoid my ears
from water as much as possible :(



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