Top 10

All of the six routines performed by Jordan & Tadd during the journey to the Top 10

All of the six routines performed by Melanie & Marko during the journey to the Top 10

Melanie Moore, Marko Germar, Tadd Gadduang & Jordan Casanova are in the TOP 10, everybody! 
(I'm going to miss them dancing together, but I'm excited to see them dancing with the all star dancers every week)
And congratulations too to Sasha, Caitlyn, Clarice, Jess, Mitchell and Ricky! Which means Ryan and Alexander are eliminated.
Season 8's Top 10
Here are the all-star dancers, announced today during the result show:
  • Melody Lacayanga (S1)
  • Allison Holker (S2)
  • Pasha Kovalev (S3)
  • Stephen “Twitch” Boss (S4)
  • Comfort Fedoke (S4)
  • Chelsie Hightower (S4) 
  • Brandon Bryant (S5)
  • Kathryn McCormick (S6)
  • Robert Roldan (S7)

(Yeay! Excited to see Chelsie Hightower on SYTYCD again! 

and I can't wait to see Robert dancing on the stage as the all-star dancer!
And who can say no to the presence of Kathryn McCormick & Allison Holker on the stage! haha.
There are only nine dancers announced while we have 10 amazing contestants. Alex Wong from season 7, was about to be one of the all-star dancer later on the show, but apparently, he tweeted that he just got injured again, he snapped the tendon again on the other foot because of doing the same thing he did a year ago when he got injured before the show. DAFUQ. WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR WORLD NOW.  I'm very sad! It's heart-breaking. All of the SYTYCD alumni-s are praying for him because he is amazing dancer and having an injured leg is like losing a half-part of their lives as a dancer. Keep praying for Alex, okay, I hope he'll dance for us again and recover really soon)

By the way, it is confirmed that Lady Gaga will be the guest judge on the show in two weeks 
(on the Top 9 week, I guess) 
You must watch her if you are a fan of her. Let's see what magic words will be spoken through her beautiful mouth. 
I'm excited about everything!..... but I was surprised when Nigel Lythgoe (the exc.producer and judge of the show) tweeted that the all-star dancers will be changed every week, unlike last season where the contestants picked one all-star dancer from 12 all-star dancers by picking a card from a hat at random...

So You Think You Can Dance got 8 noms for Emmy this year.
Congratulations to Cat Deeley for being nominated as Emmy's Best Reality TV Show host
and also to incredible choreographers who are also nominated for Emmy's outstanding choreography for their pieces performed on the show last season! 
  • Mandy Jo MooreBoogie Shoes (Billy Bell & Lauren Froderman) , I Surrender (Neil Haskell & SYTYCD UK winner, Charlie) & Oh Yeah
  • Travis Wall = How It Ends (Kent Boyd & Neil Haskell), Collide (Kent Boyd & Lauren Froderman) & Fix You (Robert Roldan & Allison Holker)
  • Tabitha & Napoleon (NappyTabs) = Outta Your Mind (Alex Wong & Twitch), Fallin (Adechike Robert & Comfort Fedoke) & Scars (Robert Roldan & Dominic Sandoval)
  • Stacey Tookey = Mad World (Billy Bell & Ade Obayomi), Sundrenched World (Kent Boyd & Allison Holker), Heaven is a Place on Earth
  • Mia Michaels = Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Top 6 dancers), This Bitter Earth-On Nature of Daylight (Billy Bell, Alex Wong & Ade Obayomi) & When We Dance
    Just fyi, those routines are my favorite =)
    I hope this season's Travis Wall's "Statue Routine" (which was performed by Melanie & Marko will be nominated and win on the next Emmy)

    I always watch one of those when I'm bored and when humming my favorite song doesn't work anymore haha

    Now, let's talk about the opening dance routine, 
    it was smoking....
    and when Jordan was the main attention on the stage with that big red cloth, 
    she was more than sexy, she was fierce and insanely wild haha!


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