Cantabile 2

is a sequel from the first concert, titled CANTABILE! which was held last year (and I didn't watch it because I just knew the concert several days before and the tickets were already sold out)

Brief information about Cantabile; Cantabile is a concert which performs classical masterpieces highlighted in a popular Japanese dorama/manga "Nodame Cantabile".
With the popularity of Nodame Cantabile (I'm a big fan of Nodame Cantabile! haha), Addie MS who is the conductor of Twilite Orchestra, decided to perform those symphonic pieces since classic music is merely not only just for the people who study music or the elder one, but also for the youths who are enthusiastic with classic music (especially me haha)

July 1st 2011, I was such in a rush hour to get the ticket because I didn't want to miss it. Stuck in a traffic in the eastern part of Jakarta, was lost for several times + diserobot angkot yang lincah gemulai dengan senantiasa.
At first, it was started with bad news; the Student tickets (which are the cheapest one & sesuai dengan kantong gua; 150,000) are sold out in less than 3 hours. Udah macet, gak berangkat kerja, automatically my father wouldn't let things go in vain that day.
I thought he was about to buy me the silver ones (500,000), but bought me the gold one (750,000). I was shocked and thankful at the same time. Even though I kind of felt uneasy or uncomfortable because I couldn't say or do anything on my way home, I'm too happy that finally, I will watch something that I love, LIVE after total "No" for watching Andrea Bocelli, David Foster and Musikal Laskar Pelangi because of either the tickets were too expensive or tickets were already sold out.

So, I waited until July 16 and I couldn't stop thinking about that.

Then, July 16, around 7p.m, I was already in the concert hall lobby waiting for the doors to be opened, and felt a little bit awkward because I wore T-shirt and knee-length pants/shorts. I wasn't formal haha. but, I didn't care about that~
After the doors were opened, all of the guests & classic music enthusiasts immediately went straight to the doors and amazed by probably the only big venue that support the quality for symphonic music in Jakarta; Aula Simfonia Jakarta.
May people who built this are
 blessed and live happily.
The lights, the stage, the statues of women holding various music instruments, the pictures of brilliant and notable musicians such as; Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, to honor the classic music as a music and culture of the world that has lasted for more than one century, and hasn't lost its magic.
I could imagine myself living in Europe already (I hope I will haha) because the building isn't like other concert hall I've ever been.

By the way, I saw Mr. Klaus Wolfer (Embassy of Austria for Indonesia)
Mr. Klaus Wolfer (right) and the
embassyof Mexico (left and middle)

It was a big extra point for my night haha. I watched him on TV, interviewed, and he seems to be a nice man. And he is!
I was on the same tribune with him and separated by several chairs away. He enjoyed the music very much. I can tell you that because he closed both of his eyes, he closed his right ear, he laid back on his chair smiling (it seems that Austrians enjoy & love classic music very much, huh?)
I also saw his daughter and she's so pretty haha

The repertoire:
1. Glinka's Russlan & Ludmilla overture = the concert was opened with a strong melodies and loud but majestic voice. It was a great piece to start.
2. Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flower (from "The Nutcracker" Suite, op. 71a) = I always love Tchaikovsky's pieces even though I haven't heard most of it yet, but I know his music is something that fits me well. It was beautiful, and it took my breath away at some moments.
3. Beethoven's Violin Sonata no. 5 in F major, op. 24 "Spring"- 1 Allegro = Michelle Siswanto was the violinist who played this and Felicitas was the young woman who accompanied her with piano. A violin, a woman, and its voice was heard throughout the hall, beautifully played and I love the duet.
4. Ravel's Piano Concerto in G major (three movements: Allegramente, Adagio assai & Presto)  = Kazuha Nakahara definitely poured her soul to this piece a lot. She moved her body like she was flowing on a smooth stream, her face was smiling and giving a tension & deep feeling towards her music at the same time, she is amazing.
5. Dvorak's Symphony no. 9 in E minor, op. 95 "From the New World" (four movements: Adagio-Allegro molto, Largo, Scherzo & Allegro con fuoco) = I can't tell you how much I love this piece after I heard it for the second time. The climax, the longing feelings, the glorious feelings, they all mixed up in my body.

Here are the photos taken by me before and after the concert started (sorry for the bad quality, I was using my blackberry...) :
The statues of women holding various musical instruments
which I believe that they are portrayed as the Angel of Music
I couldn't take a picture of Addie MS while he was in action, moving his baton because camera/video-tapping/voice-tapping isn't allowed when the concert is still running.
but he was amazing! I could see his passion for music and his passion for it is beyond something that I could describe.

This was a great experience for me and I am grateful for that.
The things that were in my mind after it were; 1. I wish I watched Cantabile! and had known the concert earlier so I would be able to watch it, 2. Classic music is going to be a part of my life and 3. I don't think classic music is my future, so I have to find and think about something else. but classic music will always be a part of my life, something that I love and I hope I can marry it. Bravo--
During the warming up & tuning

They received a standing ovation!
Bravo, Addie MS, Twilite Orchestra
and Kazuha Nakahara,
Michelle Siswanto & Felicitas N. Alma!


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